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Like me you may enjoy learning one subject more than others in school. For me, science was the best subject. I believe it was because of the good science teachers we had. This made me an active member of the Science Club.

I remember visiting a planetarium, constructing a kaleidoscope and a magnifying lens holder at the club. I believe that if you don’t enjoy your science classes, it’s probably because they don’t focus on the fun aspects of science. You should try exploring it on your own.

I recommend some exciting science activities. Try them out with friends or share them with your class. And don’t stop with the activities you find here. Try others. Science is all about experimentation.

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Fun with Science

Stephanie Daniel

Look around you. Everything that surrounds us spells SCIENCE! And for those of you who love tricks and surprises, here are some interesting activities that will keep you entertained!

1. Want some fun before going to sleep? Switch on the airconditioner full-blast before bedtime and spread a woollen blanket over yourself in bed. Wait a while. Now vigorously rub the two sides of the blanket together. You’ll hear a crackling static noise and may actually see white sparks! (This works better during dry weather.) Curious? Browse the Internet or ask your science teacher to tell you about static electricity.

2. Heat a little thick cream on a stove and add a few spoons of vinegar. Keep stirring the mass with a wooden spoon till the mixture becomes rubbery. Strain the mixture and knead to form dough. Voila! You have made plastic that you can actually mould. It’s the result of a chemical reaction between vinegar and cream!

3. Try this egg spin! Boil an egg. Once it cools and dries, spin the egg on a table. Now take a raw egg and try the same. Which one spins faster? The boiled one, of course! Its contents are solid, therefore it spins faster. This is also one way to distinguish between a boiled and raw egg.

4. Can you make a bunch of raisins dance? Yes. Drop a few raisins into a glass of cola or soda. The carbon dioxide in the drink will make the raisins bob up and down, to make it look like your raisins are dancing!

Gather friends to try these experiments — the more, the merrier! Dig out more experiments from books, the Internet, friends, parents, teachers and others. Try them, and other variations to see what you can discover. You could well be on your way to becoming the next Einstein!

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