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Hello children!

Is maths your most-hated subject? Many find math subjects difficult and frustrating. Yet, whatever your experience with maths as a school subject, you could still have an hidden love of numbers.

If you love number-driven games, magic tricks and puzzles, you don’t really hate maths.

Math subjects can be challenging, and frustrating. But like any other subject, once you discover its ‘fun’ aspect, you’ll begin to enjoy maths.

So, in this issue, you won’t find material that’s in your maths textbook. Instead, you’ll discover the enjoyable things about maths that you never knew.

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Fun with Numbers

Stephanie Daniel

Numbers are so intriguing! You can do so much with them. Whether you love maths or find the subject intimidating, here are some cool ways to hone your skills and have fun with numbers.

1. Try this contest with your parent or sibling on long drives. Add all the numbers on the number plate of the car that’s ahead of you. Now reverse the order and subtract! You can even multiply the numbers two by two — the first two digits with the last two digits. Carry a small notepad and a pen with you to scribble down the numbers if mental math is not your forte! The fastest is the winner.

2. Play fractions with a pizza. The next time you have pizzas for dinner, stop for a moment and get your pizza cutter out. Cut the pizza into equal number of portions (as many as you can) and have fun making fractions.
Go one step ahead and add the fractions, subtract, multiply and divide them — mentally of course! But do this before the pizza gets cold!

3. Check out the abacus method of computing. Even though you may not use it regularly, it’s a fun way to calculate at top speed! Get an abacus as well as a beginner’s guide. Study it in your spare time or join a crash course.

4. Buy a book with number puzzles. Solving the puzzles can be challenging and addictive. You may have to rack your brains to figure out some conundrums but cracking them is fun.

5. Look up the Internet and find number games to play. There are many interactive games out there. And there are some you can download onto your computer too!
So start these fun activities with numbers. It’s possible you won’t find maths a drudgery any more!

“Solving math problems is like having a never-ending puzzle book.” Fitzgerald

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