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Whether you live in an apartment, home with just a small verandah or a large bungalow, families can have fun growing green things together How many times have you dreamed of doing something big? Starting a programme to help others? Starting your own club? We often want to do something new — sometimes we get down to doing it, mostly we don’t.
Taking the initiative to start a project (and continuing it) turns dreams into reality.

With ideas, enthusiasm and hard work, you can attain objectives that you had dreamt about. You might end up inventing a new gizmo, starting a club to provide the underprivileged free education, kickstarting a new movement against using plastics in schools or starting up a new business!

So, keep dreaming, and start realising your dream!

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If there’s something you always dreamt of doing, now is the time to start! Taking the initiative to realise your dreams will enable you to do something special. It could be a skill you want to learn, a cause you want to propagate, or a project to help the needy. Start a project close to your heart. Here are some tips to get it going.

Formulate a clear idea of what you want to do by trying to express it in one sentence, For instance, ‘Collect funds to help poor students buy books’ or ‘Start a children’s library.’

Next, shortlist at least a dozen ideas to translate your plan into action. List them out. Then look over the list and choose the most practical ones.

Next, list the resources you are likely to need. You may need a room, certain materials, money or people to work with you.

Once you know the resources you need, think of three ways to access the resources. Write them next to each listed idea.

Next, list the obstacles you are likely to encounter. Note down ideas to help you overcome those obstacles.

After gathering all these inputs, write a clear project plan, outlining how you can get your project up and running.

Now you are set to get going! Don’t be discouraged if things don’t go as per plan. You can change tack to manage the problems you encounter and the plan can be modified if necessary.

Gather ideas from family and friends. Ask for help, and keep working on your project. Stay focussed and don’t give up! You’re sure to find this initiative will make you a wiser individual!

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