ISRA 2020
ISRA 2020

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Hey, Guys!

Does the thought of a spicy plate of biryani or a yummy chocolate cake excite you?

Most of us are gourmands or gourmets, although the latter is the preferable option. Whether it is a simple pulao you enjoy at home or exotic global cuisines in restaurants, food continues to tease people’s tastebuds and delight them throughout life.

When it comes to food, there is no dearth of variety. Every state of India and country around the world offers tempting fare of unique flavours. Every chef who cooks does it differently too. Try cooking and develop your own style. Set the gourmet in you free!

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Fun and Food

Stephanie Daniel

Dining together with friends and family is the best way to bond. Why not start a Food Club in your neighbourhood or apartment block? Here are some ideas you can use:

• Starting with friends, swap your favourite recipes. Each one writes her favourite recipe and prepares a dish. Take it along with copies of the recipe to share at the next Food Club meeting.
• Choose a dish that you are familiar with and can prepare easily. Alternatively request each club member bring one of the ingredients. You can cook it together in a member’s kitchen. Share the treat over a chat session!
• Organise a potluck party. Get all your friends to bring one dish. Head to the local park, spread out a sheet and enjoy a picnic!
• Collect a hamper of food and take it to an old age home or an orphanage. Get permission from the warden before you do this.
• Make sandwiches or simple, flavoured lime rice and make separate packets. Distribute them to homeless people.
• Organise a ‘creative cooking’ contest. You need to dress up plain and boring food items like dosa or idli and come up with interesting and tasty combinations. For example, you could make dosa topped with chicken, onions, cheese and sauce to make a dosa pizza. Ask everyone to sample the dishes and vote for the best.
• Plant ‘food’ in your neighborhood. Grow organic tomatoes, chillies, brinjals and more with just a little care and some natural manure. Share your produce with others.
• Invite renowned chefs you know to give your club members cooking classes once a month. Mothers, fathers, grandmothers and uncles who cook well can all be roped in!
• Your Food Club can offer to cook for people you know. When a neighbour wants your services, you could all cook up a meal for a small fee or treat!

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