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Hello Everyone!

It’s someone’s birthday every day of the year, even if yours comes only once annually.

It’s fun to be involved in all birthdays, one way or the other. You might be roped in to plan a birthday party, or you might want to figure out the perfect birthday gift for your best friend.

Birthdays are special and we bring you some novel ideas to make them memorable.

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Stephanie Daniel

Clothes, candies, candles, and cakes are soon forgotten. Here are some ways to make each birthday an enduring memory.

Every birthday, take a picture of yourself with your mom and dad — preferably in the same spot or pose. You will have a wonderful set of pictures that show your different stages of growth!

Every year, make goofy videos of yourself cutting the cake, hanging out with friends or unwrapping gifts. You’ll be amazed to see how your preferences and friends keep changing every year!

Make a scrapbook with the birthday pictures you take every year. Add your handprint/footprint beneath the pictures. Or, make a caterpillar with round, green sheets and get your parents or friends to write about you (one on each sheet). This time capsule scrapbook or caterpillar is great for viewing on a rainy day.

Create your own household tradition by watching birthday videos with your family every year on the eve of your birthday. Round off the video session with a movie and popcorn.

Visit an orphanage or an old age home every year. Donate clothes, toys, gifts, or some of your birthday money and let your happiness spill into the lives of the less fortunate.

Happy birthday moments are endless. So enjoy yourself and make memories for the years to come…

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