Help your child conquer clutter

Mom, where are my shoelaces?” Does that sound like one of the demands that are yelled at home every morning before school? If so, here are some tips to get your child organised — tips that work!
The first initiative to take is to stand in the battlefield (your childs room!) and make an honest appraisal. Are CDs and books fighting for control of the floor? Is a collection of funky caps parked on the desk? Once you give the most common clutter-makers a fixed place, most of the mess should disappear.

1. Next, get a large bag, preferably of earth-friendly cloth, and store and dump socks, stationery, odds and ends into it. Suspend it from a hook, and decorate it with sequins/beads.

2. Invest in a bin or shoe rack for footwear and tuck it behind the door.

3. Make a home for games and puzzles. Store them in cardboard or plastic boxes or ziploc bags. Colourcode the boxes or stick appropriate pictures on them in lieu of labels.

4. Convert a shoe rack into a shelf for books, magazines and other publication.

The challenge is to keep placing things in the right receptacles. Develop this habit by awarding stars for everyday when nothing is left lying around. Give small rewards for every three stars earned.

– Annie Besant Jon

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