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How Fliplearn’s Homework Transformation System is assisting teachers & students

EducationWorld June 2021 | Spotlight Feature

Divya LalThe Covid pandemic has impacted life in ways we could not imagine just a year ago. Education was severely disrupted due to the limitations imposed on movement, meetings and gathering. Divya Lal, Managing Director of Fliplearn Education Pvt. Ltd explains her views on why schools should prepare for a shift to Phygital learning in 2021.

A six-year-old girl’s video message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing the burden of homework during online classes has not only won millions of hearts on the internet but has also put the spotlight on the burden of homework on kids/students during this pandemic.

The importance of homework has long been a point of contention in the educational community, but in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the topic has become even more convoluted. Many working parents have traditionally expressed dissatisfaction with the amount of homework assigned to their children. They do not have time to talk to their kids, let alone help them with their homework and the situation is both emotionally and psychologically challenging. Indian parents spend the most hours helping their children with homework among nations – 12 hours per week compared to 7.2 for China and 6.2 for the US. Many parents are also complaining that the worksheets are “stressful” for them as they are already overstretched working from home. All the worksheets require guidance, and it is stressful for them to manage all of it and provide full time parenting as well.

The prolonged closure of schools is forcing India’s education industry to evolve quickly in more creative ways than ever before.

Current research indicates that one million student hours and nine million teacher hours are spent each day on completing, assigning, and correcting homework. 700 million to 1 billion homework assignments are given per day to students. It is not only difficult for students to do, it but also for teachers to research and create work sheets for students.

Addressing this imbalance and challenges in the current environment and with an aim to make homework easier for students, teachers and parents, ed-tech platform Fliplearn has developed the Homework Transformation System (HTS). It is all set to bring in major transformation in homework with a plethora of new features. Fliplearn’s HTS saves time for students and teachers and offers dramatic improvement in learning and assessments. It allows teachers to assign homework in one click provides automated homework correction, allows teachers the feature to create their own content or use the Fliplearn provided question bank, check homework performance of class and provides detailed analytics. The HTS also offers a world class curated content repository and adaptive homework through real personalization.

The HTS assists the student while doing the homework with the right learning material. With this app the school child can adapt homework as per his or her learning needs, which make learning effective. The app also has a feature to identify academic strength and weakness of the student and offers detailed diagnostics of individual student’s performance and progress.

Students in online classes can log in at any time on any device. While it is preferable if they establish a daily schedule for themselves and stick to it with parental encouragement, kids can make specific alterations to their schedule as they see fit, making homework simple, pleasurable and technology enabled.

Thanks to an app like Fliplearn HTS, the stress of homework is all set to be a problem of the past for parents, teachers and students.

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