How to write an essay? Tips from an Expert!

If you are a student struggling to write an essay, this article will come in very handy. A professional writer has agreed to share his experience in the niche of essay writing to make the process much easier and more interesting for you. He will be answering some of the most common questions students ask when they need to write a high-quality paper and can’t seem to find the right answers to start working. 

Here is Jennifer Lockman, an experienced essay writer from who specializes in the Humanities, sharing some tips that will help you write A-level essays and enjoy the process of writing. 

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What is a good short topic for an essay?

 “In most cases, students get a clear topic they need to follow when writing an essay. Sometimes the topic itself is rather general, and you need to find a niche within that topic you could focus on. On rare occasions, students get “open topic” assignments where they can write about anything they want, even about the pizza they had some time ago or about a recent movie that impressed them. Whatever your case is, remember to narrow your topic, because that way, it will be much easier to find relevant sources and make some clear claims in your essay.  

 For example, if you study sociology and have a free topic for your assignment, you might think about writing something on racial discrimination. However, this topic is rather broad. There are thousands of studies on racial discrimination. To narrow it down, think about some specific aspects of racial discrimination or the events that trigger it. You could write about the way racial discrimination deprives African-American students of educational opportunities. Alternatively, you could write about the way 9/11 intensified racial discrimination against Muslims in the US.”  

What are some things that can be done better at writing an essay?

 “There are lots of questions you can ask yourself if you want to determine whether there is something you should improve in your essay. For example,

  1. Have you used enough examples to back up your arguments? Are those examples solid, and do they make your claims viable?
  2. Have you mentioned any relevant theory, and are the things you mentioned helpful in structuring your argument?
  3. Does the structure of your essay help you communicate your ideas and claims in an organized and comprehensive manner?
  4. Are all the sources you used relevant to your assignment topic? 
  5. Does the wording follow basic academic standards?
  6. Are all the sources properly referenced and formatted?
  7. Is all the content relevant?

 Having answered these basic questions, you will be able to objectively evaluate your essay and see if there is something you can change for the better. As a rule, there is always something you can do better in your essay. You just need to be honest when evaluating it.” 

Why do students get distracted by writing their essays?

“Getting distracted from writing your essay has a simple name. It’s called procrastination. I would say that this roots in the fact that students don’t find the writing process interesting like it does the writing team at, or maybe they don’t really like the subject itself. The most important thing to remember is that getting distracted is quite normal, and you don’t have to feel guilty about it. However, it is indeed better to learn how to control those distractions if you want to be more effective and submit your papers on time. The most common “distractors” of our times are social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. It’s best to turn all of your notifications off while you are studying, it will help you manage your FOMO, fear of missing out. I would also advise you to set yourself some small goals and deadlines. That way, you can organize your writing process better and finish your essays on time.” 

Why can’t students start or finish an essay?

 “Not knowing where to start or how to finish is quite common in essay writing. It’s just difficult to organize all the thoughts in your head and choose the one that makes the best point. First, you need to understand what an introduction and a conclusion are and what kind of information should be mentioned there. After that, you might need to make something of a paper draft highlighting the main arguments you will be focusing on in your essay. When you have the core of your essay figured out, it is easier to understand what information you need to put in your introduction and your conclusion. Actually, those things are pretty much self-explanatory. Your introduction needs to give the reader an idea of what the essay is going to be about. Your conclusion needs to summarize the arguments and learnings of your essay. It’s as easy as that.”

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