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Idea Box – A “Book Buffet”

Are you adventurous enough to attempt things youve never tried before?
Then savour a Book Buffet. The idea is to sample a range of different types of books.

We usually stick to our favourite type of books, whether they are mysteries or graphic novels. But there is a wide variety of books waiting to be explored.

In a Book Buffet, one picks one book from each category and reads it. Of course, you may not like each type as much as another, but you will discover that you enjoy types of books that you may never have read otherwise.

So trek to your nearest library and treat yourself to a Book Buffet.

Here are some ingredients of the buffet. You can add more if you like.

Mystery novel

Self-help book


Graphic novel

Science fiction



Try it. You are sure to find your Book Buffet an enriching experience.

-Cybthia John

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