Idea Box – A Boxful of Fun!

Summers here once again with its long, hot days! Finding things to do for two months can be a bit of a challenge. But with the help of an Art and Craft Box, you could create some fun and magic.
So whats an Art and Craft box? Its a box that houses all kinds of knickknacks which, when peppered with some imagination and glue, can help you rustle up some great surprises. But wait, an art and craft box takes time to evolve! You need to collect stuff that goes into it for at least a month or so before the holidays begin. You can start with putting odds and ends that you find around the house and outdoors into it.

You could collect:

Cardboard boxes (at least one box to dump all your collectibles into)

Ice-cream sticks

Buttons of all colours

Bottles of all shapes

Scraps of coloured gift wrap and cloth

Paper plates and cups

Different types of rocks


Candle stubs

Colourful beads

In addition, you may have to buy a few things to add to your box such as:

A glue stick


Cello tape


Glitter, sketch pens, paints, and other decoratives

Keep adding to your box over the year. Store the box in a safe place and keep filling it as and when you come across some knickknack that has some ‘craft potential. When the holidays dawn, take down your box, take out the glue and decoratives and start creating things right away.

-Anitha Bennett

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