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Idea Box – A Theme Journal

Pick up an attractive notebook or diary, and get set to create a different type of journal that will help you do something new every day.
A Theme Journal

First pick a theme for each month. Choose any theme that interests you. Every day, make it a point to find out something or do something related to your theme of the month. You can jot down facts, quota-tions, poems, experiences or pictures in your journal.

Choosing Themes

There are many interests we have but dont really find time to pursue. Therefore your themes could be related to your hobbies, sports, or the world around you. Pick themes that interest you, and jot down rela-ted activities you could do, and where you could get more info.

For example, if you are interested in birds, you could visit a bird sanctuary and record your experience, make copies of pages about birds from books and stick them, or write about bird-watching enthusiasts.

Reward Yourself

To make the most of this journal, you need to be regular and disciplined in ensuring that you add something significant to it each day. You can motivate yourself by rewarding yourself with stickers or star cutouts at the end of every week. Dedicate one page to reward stickers, and promise yourself a treat when you have collected a targeted number of stickers.

At the end of every month, you will have learnt a good deal about the theme of the month. As the months pass, you will have the satisfaction of having learnt more about many themes of your interest. Who knows, one of them might grow into a lifelong passion!

If you have friends with a similar interests, get them also to start a journal along with you. Its always fun to do things together.

Tell us about your journal once you get started by mailing us at [email protected]

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