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Idea Box – Make a Difference!

Doing something that will make the world a better place is a two-way gift. You do something for others and feel great yourself! Try these simple ideas.
Celebrate your next birthday with residents of the nearest old age home or orphanage. It will be a party to remember!

Volunteer to organize games, book reading or craft sessions at a childrens home.

Tutor kids who cant afford tuitions in subjects you are strong in, or help them learn better spoken English.

Locate your nearest animal shelter and volunteer to help where they need it.

Collect funds for earthquake victims or an NGO. Get together with friends and come up with ideas to raise money.

Be alert to people in need. It could be your classmate struggling with maths, an aged neighbour who needs help with her groceries or a friendless little girl. Offer to help as and when required.

Gather your friends and form a club to promote environmental awareness. Together you can plant trees, segregate waste or make a compost pit.

Pledge your organs with parental consent.

Give generously. Find people or children in need and bless them with an unexpected gift! Make kindness a habit!

– Anitha Bennett

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