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Are you a film buff? Heres some advice about choosing suitable movies to enjoy them better.
1. Select movies made from storybooks. Its more fun watching storybook chara-cters come alive. Try reading the book before or after you watch the movie and discuss which you like better.

2. If you are the type who loves to catch up on the latest flicks, sit down and review the movies you watch. Try to be objective and analyse different aspects of the movie like cinematography, story, acting, music, etc.

You can even cash in on your hobby by getting your reviews published on websites, in magazines or in newspapers. Or, just post it on your blog.

3. Start a movie library and exchange CDs/DVDs with friends. However steer clear of pirated CDs.

4. Produce your own movie! Start by writing a play with dialogues. Rope in your friends, set up the background, practice well, and shoot the entire movie on a video camera. Invite friends and family to watch it.

5. Get some friends together and organize a trip to a film studio. You may need a recommendation letter, but the visit will be worth it.

6. Build a film set. Try and recreate a market scene or a bus stand using cardboard boxes. Stage a play and invite adults over for a small fee (to cover the cost of the sets).

7. Read up on the history of films, and you will come across names of outstanding classics. Try to rent them and see what people enjoyed watching over the years. Dont miss Charlie Chaplins comedies!

You could even compile your own book on the history of films. But make sure you watch the major ones you write about!

Sit down with family or friends to watch a cool movie on a sunny afternoon with a large bowl of popcorn and some fruit juices!

-Stephanie Daniel

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