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Idea Box – Quiz Time

Organise a Health Quiz in your neighbourhood together with your friends.
Get parents and children to participate. It will be fun to see if a parents or kids team wins.

Make it an event to which everyone looks forward. Plan a time, place and theme. Your theme could be nutrition, exercise or any other health-related issue. You might even be able to find a local health spa or fitness centre to sponsor prizes or offer their premises as the venue. If you are able to persuade them to sponsor the event, you can afford to print and distribute leaflets in the neighbourhood.

Make a list of topics linked to your theme. For example, if your theme is nutrition, you could list topics like the food pyramid, vitamins, food supple-ments, carbohydrates, etc.

Prepare a number of questions under three cate-gories — easy, medium and difficult. Decide on the number of teams and how many members in each team. Give the teams names linked to your theme like ‘Energy and ‘Superfoods.

Pick up health books, magazines and textbooks. Read up in detail and prepare your questions. Ensure that the quizmaster wholl ask the questions is thorough with the answers. He/she should also know enough about the topics to field queries about why a certain answer is wrong.

In each set, you can have questions of different styles — multiple choice, true or false or just question and answers.

Make sure that if one question in a round is difficult, the other questions in that round (posed to the other teams) are also difficult.

One person needs to maintain scores, while another needs to watch closely to see that the right team answers in the right way. This person needs to spot any kind of cheating to avoid argument.

Everyone will enjoy the challenge and fun, and end up with a much better knowledge of health and nutrition.

-Anu D

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