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Idea Box – Take a fun break

Breaks are just what you need to cut the monotony of those long study hours!
A bunch of funloving go-getters share their ‘break ideas.

I swing at the gate or on our swing for five minutes. This helps me feel fresh to start studying again Aaryan S. (5)

I eat a snack. My mom stocks up protein or nut bars in the kitchen! I chat with mom, drink a glass of water and am ready to hit my books again Arnold Benjamin (7)

I reward myself with a video game that goes on for exactly seven minutes for every lesson I complete!” Karan D Souza (10)

I jog around the block. Its fun, refreshing and it calms me down Divya Sreedhar (13)

Its funny, but I take a walk around the house. I look through every window for a minute and that gives my eyes rest Reuben Samuel (10)

I play with my baby brother. Its fun and it drives me to study faster so that I can play with him longer Tanya Bennett (6)

My teacher has taught us breathing exercises — to inhale deeply and exhale slowly. This helps me concentrate better Nithya Sabari (10)

I read a chapter of a book or listen to my favourite band. But you can easily get carried away. So be disciplined Sherya Kumar (12)

I dribble my ball. Intense ball-play gives me the much needed physical exercise I need after long hours of sitting Vaibhav Reddy (15)

I‘m prone to back and neck pain during the exam season. Doing stretching exercises of all kinds gives me a real break!” Pooja Kannan (14)

So throw in a bunch of fun breaks and study wont seem so tedious. You wont suffer burnout and you will learn more effectively.

-Stephanie Daniel

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