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Idea Box- Your Home Show

Set up your own ‘Home Theatre where you and your friends can stage a show.
You dont have to worry about teachers, schools and their plans. You can plan your programme all by yourselves.

Scripting, designing a backdrop and presenting a play will give you a chance to develop your creativity.

Planning other progra-mmes like dances and songs will help you work together as a team.

Presenting the programme and getting on stage will help you conquer your stage fright and improve your present-ation skills. So a ‘Home Show is a great way to develop soft skills.

Gather friends to help out, and ensure that each person gets to play a significant part in the production.

Rehearse and ensure you get your act together.

Plan small details like place, time and invitations. Invite friends, parents, neighbours and others for the show.

If you find yourselves quarelling or disagreeing while preparing the show, use the opportunity to learn to resolve problems peacefully.

Remain united to make the show a resounding success.

Check with your parents, neighbours and everyone concerned to be sure you have permission to put up your show in a particular place.

Work hard and put your best into the show. When you present a successful show, the applause will be worth the effort.

More important, youll feel good about yourself, and what you have done. It will boost your self-confidence as well as that of your group, and encourage you to do more in the future.

So get thinking and plan your show. You are sure to have fun and learn a lot at the same time!

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