iKen Evaluate

Product description

An offering of Mexus Education, iKen Evaluate facilitates continuous & comprehensive evaluation system by introducing appropriate combination of formative assessment and diagnostic assessment technology.

About the company

Mexus Education is an education innovations enterprise of the Vapi (Gujarat) based Bilakhia Group. Bilakhia Group is a renowned name in inks, resins, adhesives, wire enamels, agro-chemical and life science industries. The Bilakhia Holdings have made major strategic and visionary investments in development of new-age products and services to cater to the urgent needs of the country’s 1.8 million moribund primary and secondary schools.

Unique Features

Real-Time Evaluation

Helps gauge classroom understanding level of the topic.

Provides a platform for objective evaluation of students’ skills.

Selective attention on weaker students.

Responsibility sharing of performance between students and teachers.

Career Planning

Parents periodically appraised of student’s overall performance.

Tests, assessments and results analysis uploaded online interface.

Facilitates career planning.

Objective Counseling

Results enable teachers to evaluate themselves.

Facilitates objective counseling, appraisal and evaluation of students’ progress.

Repository of 1 lakh questions created by respective subject specialist.

Lesson-based assessments at the end of every lecture.

Immediate results displayed for individuals and groups.

Contact details

Phone: 022-28397839

[email protected]

Website: http://mexuseducation.com/ 

Current Issue
EducationWorld November 2022
ParentsWorld November 2022

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