Inculcating good habits in new school year

PW invited parents of St. John’s High School, Borivali (East), Mumbai, to share their insights on habits they would like their children to acquire in the new academic year

“My eight-year-old son Amaan Saleem (class III) is gentle and kind hearted by nature. I would like him to do his good deed for every day of his school and working life because I believe good deeds bring their own rewards. During his summer holidays, Amaan developed the habit of reading. I have noticed an improvement in his concentration, vocabulary and general knowledge. I am hoping he continues the reading habit throughout his life.” — Dr. Zeenat Saleem Ansari, homeopathic dermatologist, Holy Care,and Cure Multispecialty Clinic

“I believe developing the habit of self-learning and reflection will help our children — 11-year-old daughter Shania (class VI) and our 14-year-old son Sherwin (class IX) — to identify their areas of academic interest which in turn will help them chart out their career goals. Moreover, developing communication skills in today’s digital age is preferred over mobile phone addiction. We encourage lively debates and discussions over the dinner table to help open up their minds. Sports and team activities are also given high priority. I hope the new academic year gives them ample opportunity to develop good, life-long habits.” — Stephen Mascarenhas, academy director, Prime Focus Academy of Media and Entertainment Studies

“Learning beyond the classroom is a habit which I would like my seven-year old son Aman (class III) to own. Outdoors learning is activity-based and is known to improve the physical, mental and social health of children. According to latest research, proximity to natural surroundings helps reduce stress levels of children and enhances attention span. In the new academic year, I am hoping my child embraces this fun and novel experience.” — Krishna Chandra Srivastava, SAP Consultant, Atos Global IT Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd

“A healthy reading habit in children raises their intelligence levels, emotional well-being and helps build strong character. Therefore I have surrounded my daughter Zahra (class VII) with a library of books since youngest age with the hope that they will inspire her to develop a strong reading habit. I am hoping that Zahra develops her reading habit and is able to inspire others in her new academic year.” — Azmina Vohra, homemaker

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