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EW-Learningpoint India School Academic Rankings 2015

For several decades the Delhi-based Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) ” India’s premier school-leaving (class X and XII) examination boards ” have illogically and irrationally refused to make institutional performance data available to the public. Therefore, EducationWorld has been driven to obtain this information which is valuable to parents and students, through extra-curricular initiatives. In this undertaking, we have received the willing cooperation of Prashant Bhattacharji, a Hyderabad-based data analyst and promoter of the education website For the past several years, Bhattacharji has extracted and analysed publicly accessible information on the websites of schools and boards, to compile league tables based on exam performance data. Some administrators have personally reported their schools’ data as well.

Moreover, in a departure from past practice of presenting board exam performance data in our annual EW India School Rankings issue of September, we present this data soon after publication of results. The EW-Learningpoint India School Academic Rankings 2015 feature the Top 100 CISCE/ CBSE schools based on their class XII results. However, only schools that sent batches in excess of 50 examinees have been included in the league tables. The CBSE Top 100 league table is based on the results of 5,433 (out of 9,000) CBSE-affiliated schools countrywide.

For CISCE schools, the average of English + Best 3 subjects is published, while for CBSE schools, it™s the average of all five subjects. The percentages have been rounded off to the nearest integer for each school. League tables detailing the factual results of schools in board exams promote inter-school competition, give teachers due recognition if their students perform well, and enable parents to choose the best schools for their children. My technology background and experience enabled me to source data from multiple sources to compile tables detailing the factual academic performance of a large number of CBSE and CISCE schools, says Bhattacharji, an alumnus of IIT-Kharagpur.
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NB: There might be marginal variations between the actual score of a school and tabulated data for reasons explained on the website. In case of major discrepancies email: [email protected]

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