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Informative & relevant

ParentsWorld March 2020The feature on developing computational thinking within children was interesting, relevant and informative (PW June). The ability to think logically and problem-solve is a 21st century skill which all children must develop to succeed in this new tech-intensive AI age. The story shared some very useful insights and strategies to develop computational thinking within youngest children through non-computer activities such as puzzles and games.

Saras Mathur

Timely & sensitive story

The June cover story ‘Prudent parenting in the lockdown era’ was a fine example of timely and sensitive reporting. While the lockdown restrictions are being relaxed in many cities, we are many months away from returning to the pre-Covid normal. Covid-19 cases are spiking in all major cities especially in Delhi and Mumbai. There is constant anxiety within households about family members contracting this dreaded virus. Also, with schools and colleges closed, family schedules have gone awry. Children are locked indoors 24×7 and are bored and frustrated with no play and socialising.

This is a very challenging time for parents. They have the dual responsibility of keeping children meaningfully engaged all day and supporting them emotionally and mentally through this troubling pandemic.

Jyoti Aggrawal

Follow your heart for lockdown parenting

Thanks for your cover story ‘Prudent parenting in the lockdown era’ (PW June). It gave some very useful advice to parents to confront parenting challenges unique to this once-in-a-century pandemic and lockdown age.

As for many parents across the world, the past four months have been the most challenging for me personally and I want to share with your readers some important parenting lessons learnt during this period. First, do not expect too much of yourselves. Understand that no child is perfect and no parent either. Lowering overriding expectations can help cope with the lockdown challenges better.

Second, everyone is ready and waiting to render advice on best ways to parent children in the lockdown era. Though their intentions may be good, it can get overwhelming. Follow your own lead. Don’t stress about not getting things right all the time. It’s time for the entire family to slow down and parents to cut some slack.

Smitha Paul

Parenting athletes not a cakewalk

My 13-year-old son plays tennis competitively. His training regimen includes four hours of rigorous exercise and play practice strictly monitored by his coach. It was enlightening to read fitness instructor Sneha Arora’s essay about the dangers of teens over-exercising. It’s important for parents to be in regular contact with their child’s coach and question/ understand training regimens. Many coaches give students nutritional supplements to boost performance which sometimes can adversely affect children’s physical and mental health.

The lockdown has been tough on my son. With practice sessions cancelled, he is frustrated and annoyed. He does watch online videos and exercise at home, but it’s not the same. I am trying to keep him motivated. Being a parent of an athlete is no cakewalk!

Rita Parmar

Excellent child health advice

Thank you for the excellent child health essay by Dr. Atish Laddad on ways and means to boost youngest children’s appetite (PW June). I am a parent of a three-year-old and it’s a herculean task to get her to eat three full meals. Dr. Laddad’s suggestions on boosting toddlers’ appetites are brilliant, especially the advice to serve small portions to youngest children, allowing them the freedom to decide the amount of food they want to eat, and limiting junk food intake.

Maria D’Souza

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