Introduction to the world of art

Introduce children to the enchanting world of art and encourage them to appreciate and value it through these three resources – Mini P.

Google Arts & Culture

Here’s a great opportunity for children to experience and appreciate India’s miniature painting masterpieces. Google Arts & Culture has partnered with the National Museum, New Delhi to showcase Indian miniature paintings virtually. Google has used cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, augmented reality and high-definition robotic cameras to enable virtual real-time viewing of these special collections.

Download the Google Arts & Culture App on your smartphone and enjoy a virtual walk through the museum, zooming into your favourite artworks.

The virtual collection includes 1,200 hi-resolution images from 25 collections around the world and more than 75 stories, depicting scenes that include marriage processions, epic battles, etc.

Art Camera, an ultra-hi-resolution robotic camera, was deployed to capture and virtual-stream the masterpieces making it possible for art connoisseurs to appreciate minute details such as wisps of smoke from firecrackers, finesse and variety of a person’s attire.

Raza’s Bindu
by Ritu Khoda & Vanita Pai, Illustrated by Kundan Shanbhag
Publisher: Art1st Publications
Price: Rs.400

What did the dot mean to legendary Indian artist S.H. Raza (1922-2016)? How did it change his life? In Raza’s Bindu, the writers demystify the artist’s trademark bindu encouraging children to introspect on its meaning and significance through interesting anecdotes, large visuals and stunning illustrations. Generously interspersed with some of the artist’s iconic artworks, the book also features interactive games and worksheets encouraging children to learn, explore and experiment with Raza’s drawing techniques.

Simply and lucidly written, it’s suitable for children above seven years.

The Great Artists Pack 1 (Set of 6 books)
by Om Books Editorial Team
Publisher: Om Books
Price: Rs.600

Monet, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Picasso, Van Gogh… this series published in early 2020 introduces children to the lives and works of the world’s most famous and loved artists. Read about how Dutch post-impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) painted almost 900 canvases in less than ten years; how one of his most famous works was painted when he was in an asylum and how he died tragically at the young age of 37.

Another interesting biography in this six-pack series is of French artist Oscar-Claude Monet (1840-1926) famous for his series of oil paintings depicting water lilies, gardens, and Japanese footbridges, all of which adorned his home in Giverny. The impressionist painter was best known for his beautiful understanding of the subtleties of colour and shades. Learn about Monet and other artists in this painstakingly produced six-pack series.

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