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Jump Thru Joy, Pashan, Pune






Founded in 2008, Jump Thru Joy Preschool uses a blend of Iken Zing (Iken ‘talking books’, developed by Mexus Education Pvt. Ltd, are audio enabled with pre-recorded stories or information) and Montessori methods of learning. The preschool emphasises the concept of "the whole child" and offers a “nurturing and compassionate learning environment along with positive reinforcements in all aspects of its programs”.

The mission of Jump Thru Joy is to accept each child as an individual and encourage their creative expression through play and classroom activities. “We want to develop a love for learning in children and encourage them to desire to become lifelong achievers,” says a school spokesperson.


The infant section has individual cribs, mattresses, sheets, and blankets. The facility also includes high chairs for feeding, walkers, bouncers, activity mats, crib mobiles, rattles, and many more age-appropriate and stimulating toys along with toiletries and appropriate medicines.

For the older children there is a library and a pretend play section. The indoor play area is equipped with ride-owns, bikes, dumpers, slides, trampoline, ball pool etc. The outdoor play area is about 1500 square feet with sand and water play areas.


The curriculum is designed according to specific needs of each age group. Through lessons, art and craft, music and computers, the curriculum fosters the growth of each child as an individual and as part of a group. Subjects included in the curriculum are practical life lessons, sensory activities, language, mathematics, science, geography, art and music.

The school offers the following programs:

The Mini Miracles Program

(For children below 17 months of age)

This program provides infants explorative opportunities: to see, hear, feel touch and move. The objective of this program is to build a strong sense of self and emotional security in the child, promote a sense of well-being and discovery and develop his gross and fine motor skills as well as visual and auditory perception and cognitive awareness.

The Dew Drops Group Program

(Play Group for children aged between 15 months to 30 months)

The curriculum is designed to allow the child to work either individually or in a small group. The child is encouraged to explore and experiment, take risks and be independent. Children move freely during activity sessions such as art, science, sensory play, block building, music and movement and dramatic play. Toilet training is also a part of this program.

Sunshine Program

(Nursery for children aged between 2.5 years to 3.5 years)

The objective of this program is to provide an environment that lets a child express herself to the fullest by way of communication, play and interaction with others. The program emphasises a child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical developmental. The curriculum incorporates music, art, calendar, weather study and listening skills. Fine and gross motor activities are also included in the program. The curriculum is carefully designed to ensure that a good foundation is laid for formal school education as well.

Through this program children are taken through the stages of learning 26 letter sounds, developing prewriting skills and introduction to sequenced mathematics education.

Our Rainbow program

(Junior KG for children aged between 3.5 years to 4.5 years)

This program follows the Montessori method and focuses on the following:

English Language – extends each child’s language skills and builds vocabulary; reading of stories and poems strengthens ability to empathize and express emotions. Regular singing of songs develops rhyming, memory, and word pattern formation skills. Children are encouraged to compose, dictate, and illustrate their own stories and poems on a regular basis.

Science – facts about air, seasons, soil, plants, animals, magnets and balance, enable children to develop concepts, discover and share them with their classmates. Art projects, manipulative games and story reading also extend science learning

Mathematics – this program promotes understanding of the concepts of space, quantity and number, length, distance, area, volume, weight and time. Activities such as matching, measuring, counting, ordering, sorting, comparing, predicting, estimating, combining and separating sets, patterning through block-building, use of manipulative, oral and movement games, songs, stories, art projects, cooking, classroom duties and written assignments are used develop essential math skills

Music – a fun program for children with varying levels of musical ability, offering a variety of singing, playing, creating, and listening activities.

Art – basic construction skills with paper, clay, recycled materials, fabric and a variety of other materials. Children practice fine motor skills through the use of drawing media, brushes, scissors, and other art tools and are introduced to the elements of art—line, shape, color and texture.

Physical education – to acquire motor patterns, manipulative skills and develop an understanding of physical fitness with the help of simple organizational games and outdoor play equipment.

Bus trips to museums, traffic signal, and the zoo are scheduled throughout the academic year.

General Information

Admission Age
1 Year And 2 Months
Teacher Student Ratio


Admissions are open all through the year

Mini miracles program: Children below 17 months of age

The Dew Drops Group Program: Children aged between 15 months to 30 months

Sunshine Program: Children aged between 2.5 years to 3.5 years

Our Rainbow program: Children aged between 3.5 years to 4.5 years


The mission of Jump Thru Joy is to accept each child as an individual and encourage their creative expression through play and classroom activities. “We want to develop a love for learning in children and encourage them to desire to become lifelong achievers,” says a school spokesperson.

Day Care

Not provided


Website :

Address : C/3,S.No.128/2 B/2, Vedant Society

Email : [email protected]

Contact : 2041237969

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C/3,S.No.128/2 B/2, Vedant Society
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