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Issue TCs within 7 days

Karnataka: Issue TCs within 7 days or face action, private schools told

November 25, 2021

The department of public instruction, Karnataka has ordered schools to issue transfer certificates to schools within one week of parents seeking it, failing which action would be taken.

 This order comes after several parents made representations to the education department that private schools had withheld transfer certificates, resulting in the discontinuation of the education of their children.

The state government had previously said that parents in financial distress due to Covid-19, unable to bear the expenses of continuing the education of their child at a private school might seek admission either in government or aided schools in the state. However, with private schools refusing to provide TCs for students, parents have been unable to seek admissions elsewhere.

Citing the mandate as under the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009, and section 133 of the Karnataka Education Act 1983, the commissioner of the department of public instruction has said that transfer certificates must be issued within seven days.

The order also cites that it has been brought to the notice of the education department that despite repeated requests, private unaided schools have denied transfer certificates to parents on various occasions. As a result the same, the child is denied the basic right to education as they are unable to enroll the child into government or government-aided schools as they have an affordable fee.

“Should the schools fail to issue a TC within one week after it is sought for by the parent, the aggrieved can lodge a complaint with the Block Education Officer. The Block Education Officers will then serve a notice to the schools and give them a seven day period to revert to the parent. Should school managements fail to issue the TC despite this, BEOs have been authorized to lodge complaints against the head of the institute and the management of the school under section 106 (2)(b) of the Karnataka Education Act 1983,” the order reads.

The Associated Managements of Private Schools in Karnataka, however, argue that parents have been taking undue advantage of the same and are seeking TCs as an escape route to enroll into another private school without clearing their fee dues.

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