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Karnataka: Private schools’ association issues advisory on Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2023

The private schools’ association in Karnataka has issued guidelines, asking schools and parents to be cautious on Valentine’s Day to stop minors from indulging in celebrations.

The Associated Managements of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka (KAMS) has issued a five-point advisory on valentine’s day, which they say is to sensitize parents and guardians.

KAMS, an association for budget private schools has also called forward its member schools to share the guidelines in school WhatsApp groups, as SMS and written notes to parents.

The association has issued guidelines, which involve observing students on the day of the celebration, conducting checks if need be and also being cautious.  

However, KAMS has claimed that this advisory is based on some incidents previously reported from private schools in the city. “This must be understood by schools, taken in the right spirit and care must be taken ensuring children are not subjected to any pressure. Schools could adopt these guidelines and suit it to their individual needs.

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What does the five-point advisory have?

  • Parents must take extra care in the wake of Valentine’s day. School guidelines must prevent exchange of greetings, chocolates, and other pleasantries among students.
  • There is a probability that children could borrow money under other pretexts or could attempt to steal money. They could also take loans. Some parents could turn a blind eye to some signs out of trust for their minor children who indulge in age-inappropriate activities.
  • There is a probability of minors going to cinema halls without consent from parents or school authorities. Parents must be warned of this possibility.
  • Although children are mostly asked to wear uniforms to schools, they could carry some insignia red in color, which is symbolic of the valentine’s day celebration to school. They could also carry a pair of clothes to change and head out later in the day.
  • In association with the parent’s association, parents and schools must frisk bags at school to check if children are carrying any inappropriate items.

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