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Karnataka High Court

Karnataka submits second PU scoring parameters to the high court

July 5, 2021
– Reshma Ravishanker

Karnataka government has announced the parameters for the calculation of this year’s second PU scores as exams were canceled due to the second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic. Scores of students will be tabulated considering 45 % scores of first PU, 45 % of SSLC, and 10 % based on the academic performance in second PU.

The state government on Monday submitted the evaluation procedure t the Karnataka High Court. It may be recollected that on June 17, the high court had directed the state government not to declare results before considering suggestions that are to be made by the expert committee to study the methodology to be considered for repeater candidates.

The state also submitted that it will promote all repeaters by giving grace marks to the marks they had secured in their previous attempt. Even private candidates, appearing as repeaters will be deemed as passed by giving them grace marks.

“Since the casualties of covid19 were increasing during the second wave, it was decided by the department to cancel the II PU exams. It has been decided that all II PU fresh candidates will be promoted. The weightage for promotion is as follows- 45% of the marks scored in SSLC, 45% of the marks scored in I PU and 10% on the basis of academic performance in II PU and 5% grace marks are to be given to the marks obtained in I PUC,” said the government in an official statement to the press later.

Here are some parameters that the formula for calculating the final scores- 

*First Language: If a student’s first language score is as against a total marks above 100 in class 10 (for instance 125 in case of SSLC), then it will be recalculated to a maximum of 100-marks score and converted.

*Second Language: Average scores of two languages where the student has scored the highest marks will be considered (best two scores of the three languages in case of SSLC) and will be converted to a 45 % . Even in case of ICSE or other boards, if the student has written more than two language papers, an average of those two languages with the highest scores will be taken and converted to a 45 % score. In the case of NIOS, since there is one language only, consider 45% of the language.

*Core subject: The total score in science, maths and social studies (SSLC) will be combined, divided by 3 and 45 % of this would be estimated. In the case of ICSE and other boards, if the student has written more than 3 main subjects, take the average score of all subjects will be calculated and 45% of this score will be derived.

*Total score calculation: 45% of the score so derived from SSLC and 45 % score from 1st PUC will be considered and rounded off in case of a decimal score. Activities such as participation in online classes, offline activities, mid-terms, preparatory exams, etc from the second PU academic year will decide the remaining 10 % score of the candidate. 

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