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Commendable focus

I AM A regular reader of Education­World and want to thank you for publishing the comprehensive EW India Preschool Rankings 2022-23 (EW December), especially after the understandably truncated surveys over the pandemic years.

I also welcome inclusion of the best government-run anganwadis in your survey. This will serve the purpose of focusing government attention on upgrading anganwadis which provide pre-primary education to youngest children from bottom-of-pyramid households.

Sushmita Das


God-sent surveys

CONGRATULATIONS for the well-researched preschools rankings survey across 17 cities (EW Decem­ber)! In most metros and tier II cities of the survey, many newly ranked preschools have replaced those that downed shutters during the pandem­ic. In this scenario, your survey is a Godsend for parents looking to make informed admission decisions.

You are also doing a commend­able job by felicitating budget private schools. Keep up the good work!

Sushila Kale


Comprehensive parameters

THE LATEST December issue fea­turing the EW India Preschool Rank­ings 2022-23 is very valuable for parents of toddlers. It offers a reli­able benchmark as many parents are concerned about issues such as child safety, teaching-learning, parental involvement etc. Your parameters of preschool education excellence are very comprehensive.

May I also suggest that you take this one step further and segregate preschools into budget, mid-range, and high-end? This will also help parents choose their child’s pre­school according to the fees struc­ture.

Rakesh Prakash


‘Value for money’ is one of the ten parameters of preschool educa­tion excellence under which all preschools are assessed in EWIPR 2022-23. High scores under this parameter is a good indicator of a preschool’s affordability Editor

Please note name change

IN THE latest EW India Preschool Rankings (EW December) you have ranked Little Millennium, Girish Park, Kolkata’s #2 franchised pre­school. I sincerely request you to verify your data before publishing.

For your information, we are no longer associated with the Little Mil­lennium brand. We are now a play­school named Smilee Hearts. Please update your records accordingly.

Bindu Daw

Smilee Hearts, Girish Park KOLKATA

Demoralised & demotivated

THE ENTIRE team at Sunderji Nurs­ery School, Pune, is demoralised and demotivated by our demotion from the Top 5 in 2021-22 to #9 in the latest EW India Preschool Rankings 2022-23. Please advise how we can improve our scores on some critical parameters of preschool education excellence.

Anahita Khambatta

Sunderji Nursery School

Off Shankar Sheth Road, PUNE

Proclaim your school’s achievements and encomiums regularly Editor

Toilets for girls

THE EDUCATION news (EW De­cember) on Karnataka based on the Union education ministry’s recently published UDISE report holds a mirror to the dismal primary educa­tion system not only of Karnataka, but the entire nation. While proudly flaunting the beti bachao beti pad­hao (‘save girls by educating them’) campaign nationwide, the least gov­ernment can do is ensure availability of basic amenities to girl children.

It’s such a shame that in this day and age our girl children are de­prived of basic toilet facilities. The plight of millions of adolescent girl children who undergo daily physi­cal and mental trauma makes me shudder.

Wake up India!

Dinesh Hegde


Evident bias

RE YOUR editorial ‘Reconsider 103rd amendment verdict’ (EW December), I disagree with your view that “permitting government to appoint employees on criteria other than proven merit is against the pub­lic interest”. I wonder if you would hold the same opinion if religious minorities were provided additional quota. Somehow when there is a general category reservation, all hell breaks loose.

Nevertheless, I agree with you that provision of loans and scholar­ships is the proper way to “address historical injustices” to schedule and backward communities.

Arushi V.


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