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Makebot launches STEAM

Makebot launches STEAM education premier league at DIDAC

October 3, 2019

With an aim to inculcate STEAM learning in the curriculum in India, Makebot – a leading EduTech company focused on creating paradigm shifts in the New Age STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Education system, has launched a first-of-its-kind Indian STEAM Premier League (ISPL) at DIDAC. The competition, is aimed at putting to test the robotics and AI skills of students from around the world.

While Indian students participate in various international competitions and formats, there had been no homegrown Indian counterparts of the same. The ISPL therefore would be the very first competition format having global dimensions but created and nurtured by the Indian company Makebot, a subsidiary of Global Space Technologies Ltd.

Speaking on this eventful launch which is meant to take the country into the elite peer group of international AI & Robotics competition brands, Amit Verma CEO & Director – Makebot said, “New Age education system in India is revolving around the adage, “survival of the fittest”. Since healthy competitions are integral part of our educational journey, very few work towards developing skills. Aligning itself with the same philosophy, Indian STEAM Premier League (ISPL) is the only competition in India which brings the STEAM education format as a learning pedagogy across all grades and enhances 21st century skillsets in a healthy competition league.”

The Indian STEAM Premier League (ISPL) is a competitive edutainment based format which develops and evaluates 21st century skills of a child through a year-long journey. It would be a multi-level league where students go through numerous rounds of evaluation including a STEAM Aptitude test, STEAM Projects and championship events. Thoughtfully designed for children and young adults, ISPL also brings a unique gaming and entertainment based model that allows participants to learn while having fun. With fun and learning comes a regular reward that recognizes participating students and mentors at each level, with scholarships, certifications and world trips. With a vision to create an ecosystem of learners and educators towards a gamified STEAM education, the ISPL looks forward to help students build 21st century skills and empower them to become global citizens.

The Indian education sector has developed over the years in multiple areas. However, it’s still not quite at par with its overseas counterparts that have implemented new-age technology to supplement textbooks and attempted to make the learning experience less monotonous and interactive. A relatively modern approach to education called STEAM has revolutionized the education system in India and the world. STEAM is an amalgamation of Science,

Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics that provides an experiential form of learning. The subjects are taught together to develop the skills in children and provide a well-rounded understanding of its integrated concepts. According to the National Science Foundation, a projected 80% of the job opportunities in the upcoming decade include some form of math and science skills. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the school to provide children with best-assisted learning.

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