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Meru International School, Hyderabad




International Day School




Founded on July 19, 2017 by Meghana Rao Jupally, Meru International School is a coeducational day school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education and Cambridge Assessment International Education. The school believes that a learning experience that involves identifying strengths, nurturing them and then reaching out to excelling in them, helps to achieve success. The school encourages hard work, academic rigour, active participation, and lifelong learning for students to become resilient and adaptive to changes and it constantly innovates to foster curiosity in children, both inside as well as outside the classroom.

Meru International School aims to build a society of higher order and encourages progressive thinkers to bring about a positive change in the world. With the M-CLAP (Meru Career readiness Leadership Academics Program), they aim to build a society of well-rounded, responsible and righteous citizens who understand that it is not just about succeeding but doing so in the right spirit. The school has a student strength of 1,437 trained by 150 teachers. The school follows a student-teacher ratio of 10:1. 


Sited on a 2.7 acre campus, the school boasts 65 well ventilated classrooms equipped with ICT teaching-learning facilities, an auditorium, a spacious dining hall and cafeteria. Other facilities incude well equipped labs for physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and social studies, well designed spaces for extra curricular activities such as art, music and dance. The school also hosts excellent infrastructure for both outdoor and indoor sports and games. 


The school management has invested generously in training teachers to implement 21st century teaching-learning practices — thereby bringing the best of the world to the classroom. The school clocks in about 80 hours of extensive need-based training for the teachers including both competencies and skill-based training. Teachers consider mindfulness, growth mindset and focused assessment practices to plan the lessons. Technology plays an important role in teaching and learning with Augmented Reality being the latest technology to be introduced in the classroom. 

To ensure that ‘No child is left behind’, Meru International teachers provide extra attention to the slow learners while encouraging all the students to achieve their full potential. 

USPs of teaching-learning at Meru International 

  • M-clap – To equip its students with the skills required to be successful once they step out into the world on their own, the school has introduced the M-CLAP (Meru-Career Readiness, Leadership & Life skills and Academic enrichment) programme. Right from early years, Meruvians are taught to identify, learn and practise skills necessary to be successful in life. Skills such as fairness, empathy, coping skills, mindful consumerism, to name a few, are learned and practised till completion of schooling.
  • Individual learners’ progression tracker: With the objective of tracking students’ progress regularly and identifying their strengths and areas of improvement, the school has introduced individual learner’s progression tracker. The document has provision to record student learning, growth and action plan for further improvement, not only in academics but in life skills as well.
  • Monthly student-led conference: Meruvians are encouraged to develop metacognition — the ability to assess one’s strengths and areas of improvement. The monthly student-led conference fulfills this objective and makes the learner responsible for his/her own learning. 
  • Parent-teacher conference: To facilitate a strong parent-teacher-student connect, Meru hosts a highly focused parent-teacher conference wherein the teacher shares all the details of the student’s progress with the parents, seeks their inputs and chalks out an action plan for the next learning cycle. 
  • A-R infused digital classroom – Meru constantly strives to bring in the latest technologies to the classroom. Most recently, the school has introduced Augmented Reality into the classroom teaching-learning experience. Learners experience highly engaging content that comes alive along with the teacher’s explanation.
  • Formative assessment and five-step reflection for high-quality academic performance The most important of all the assessments for the teacher, student and the parent is the formative assessment and Meru lays emphasis on designing high quality focused formative assessments for the students. 
  • Highly engaging activities and hobby clubs – In consonance with the adage “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”, Meru provides a rich co-curricular education menu crafted with carefully chosen learning objectives. The highly engaging activities provide students a 360-degree exposure to the learning fabric.

Extra-curricular activities

Meru’s rich sports and co-curricular education menu includes:

  • Table tennis
  • Taekwondo
  • Gymnastics
  • Art & Craft
  • Soccer
  • Basket-ball
  • Badminton
  • Dance [Classical & Western]
  • Music [ Vocal & Instrumental]
  • Theatre
  • Cooking

Head of Institute

Meghana Rao Jupally

General Information

Admission Age
2.6 years
Teacher Student Ratio
Student Mix
Boys and girls
No of Students
Campus Size
10739 sqm
Physics, chemistry, biology, Mathematics, Social Science
Internet Wi-Fi
Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Gymnastics, Soccer, Basket-ball, Badminton


The admission process is categorised into four simple steps:

Enquiry, Registration and Appointment: A counselling appointment with the admissions team will be scheduled according to the parent’s preferred date and time. The parent can as well visit the school during the above mentioned timings. The counselling session can be offline or online as per the parent’s convenience.

Application formPost the counselling session, an application form to be purchased by the parent to proceed with the diagnostic assessment.

Diagnostic Assessment: The assessment would be on a virtual learning platform. An oral interaction and written test would be conducted by the teacher to understand the knowledge level of the child for the respective grade. This is to ensure that we have a baseline assessment in order to work on the child’s necessary learning outcomes.

Admission (Fee Payment): The admission can be confirmed with the payment of the Term I tuition fee and the submission of necessary documents.

Age Criteria

Grades Minimum age as on March 30
IK1 2.6 Years
IK2 3.6 Years
IK3 4.6 Years
Grade 1 5.6 Years
Grade 2 6.6 Years
Grade 3 7.6 Years
Grade 4 8.6 Years
Grade 5 9.6 Years
Grade 6 10.6 Years
Grade 7 11.6 Years
Grade 8 12.6 Years
Grade 9 13.6 Years
Grade 10 14.6 Years
Grade 11 15.6 Years


  • Best e-school 2020-21 for consistent student digital attendance and parent participation by IESA award
  • Best Emerging School of the Year
  • Academic Excellence Award
  • In sports, Meru International School stands among the top 10 participants of SFA [Sports for all] among 200 schools
  • In cultural, the school had also participated in the Glendale interschool cultural fest and bagged many awards

Meru International School was awarded this year’s “Emerging High-Potential School Award” at the prestigious Education World – Grand Jury School Rankings 2021-22 as #4 in India and #1 in Telangana and, #1 in Hyderabad. Meru International School was acknowledged by the top judging panel of international education experts among the 3000+ schools in a recent survey
conducted by C-Fore. The award highlighted and rewarded the quality and diversity of Meru International School for its bespoken curriculum, digital infrastructure, and teaching methodologies. This adaptive teaching learning approach empowers Meru students to face real-world problems effortlessly with a supportive learning environment, apart from developing innovative and entrepreneurial skills.

Meghana Rao Jupally, Director of Meru International School, said: “It is indeed a matter of pride and honour for MIS to receive an award from EducationWorld. It manifests our efforts on the path to achieving excellence in education with quality, values, and a holistic approach to learning. We dedicate this achievement to the real-time warriors during this pandemic era. i.e., our parents and student community. We thank and appreciate the entire MERU community for their support”.

The M-CLAP programme became a cornerstone of Meru International School’s strategy designed to foster skills & values among students through incomparable Activities & Learning Experiences developed both within and out of school. This program is the initial step towards enhancing leadership skills and giving students the freedom to choose from a plethora of career options.


Being a day school, Meru International School does not offer hostel facility.


EW Ranking

Total Score: 1091


Website :

Address : Sy. No. 97(P) & 98, Adjacent to My Home Jewel, Madeenaguda, Chanda Nagar, Hyderabad - 500049

Email : [email protected]

Contact : Mobile: +91 8101700700

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Sy. No. 97(P) & 98, Adjacent to My Home Jewel, Madeenaguda, Chanda Nagar, Hyderabad - 500049
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