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Pocket money is a rite of passage in childhood. It’s fun for children to have money in hand. But it can also help them learn a whole lot of math.

Saving a portion of pocket money is one way. Let your kids figure out how much they can save and calculate the interest their saving can earn.

Younger kids can play counting games. Older ones can actually start to keep proper accounts to the last paisa. They can be advised how they can invest part of it and they can calculate how it increases month by month in a saving account! Visits to the bank will provide more info about how much interest can be earned on different types of deposits.

Give them challenges like marking their expenditure on a graph, calculating the percentage of usage and savings. Who knows you could develop math wizards!

Puzzle Box

What’s your age?

Let’s see if you can guess someone’s age using this riddle. First try it yourself.
Make a mental note of your age.
Add 7
Multiply by 4
Divide by 2
Add 5
Subtract 3
Subtract 2
Divide by 2 again
Add 8
Subtract 10
Add 2
Subtract 7

What’s your answer?

Answer: The answer will be your age. Try it on someone else. They’ll be shocked!

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Marvellous Maths Series

This series of maths books by David L. Stienecker is unique. Unlike other maths activity books that are in the market which have worksheets with sums and problems to solve, these books offer activities that sharpen your maths skills. They come with a plethora of games and enjoyable activities for children in the 8-11 age group. Books in the series include Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Fractions. They also teach children in this age group mind games like Tic Tac Toe, Guess the Number, multiplication codes and more!

Publisher: Cherry Tree Press Ltd

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