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Breaking unhealthy habits and adopting good ones can be a family affair. When the whole family is committed to a lifestyle change towards better food choices and exercise, it becomes much easier than doing it solo.

Plan activities such as daily walks, joining fitness clubs and playing a new sport together. You can collect healthy food recipes and have great cook-outs on weekends.

Make a joint pledge not to eat junk food more than twice a month. Make a list of the common junk foods that your family likes and find healthy alternatives for each one. Write them next to each junk food, and display the list on your fridge. That way, you always have ideas for healthier choices.

Puzzle Box

There is a quotation by Virgil hidden below. Crack each word in bold to find the answer.

Theft minus two consonants
Green a test minus a vowel and a consonant
Weaklith minus a vowel and a consonant
Mist minus two consonants
Heavy lath minus two consonants and a vowel
After successfully cracking this conundrum, try the maze below

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Healthy Snacks for Kids

Tarla Dalal’s Cook Book offers great alternative recipes for junk food. Take those packets of chips and crunchies off your evening snack menu. This book offers enough recipes for finger foods, sweet snacks and ready-to-eat foods that you can make at home.

All ingredients in the recipes are nutrient-rich. The cooking media recommended are healthy — baking and steaming. And you will still have a collection of excellent recipes. Try them out right away!

Publisher: Sanjay & Co.

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