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There’s something special about a family that learns together. Learning a new sport together is great for family bonding and is certain to prove an enjoyable learning experience for all.

Try swimming for a start. Learn how to stay afloat and different strokes. When you go on your next vacation, you will have a blast as you put your skills to use!

Other enjoyable en famille sporting options include learning to roller skate, or cycling. Buy or hire new age bikes and explore the neighbourhood together. And once you learn the basics of skating, get yourselves a pair of quads each and take to the road, holding hands as you roll along!

Spend some time to find the sport that suits your family best.

Puzzle Box


I. Two important parts of the bicycle shown below are missing. Can you figure out which ones, and draw them in?

II. Unscramble the words below to discover some interesting sports.


Answers: I. Cycle chain, spokes on the wheels.
II. Parasailing, Squash, Baseball

Book Mark

The Million Dollar Kick

Dan Gutman’s book is a heart-warming story that revolves around a class VII student, Whisper, who hates soccer.
But when Whisper wins a slogan writing competition, she gets a chance to kick a goal past the town’s champion goal-keeper and win a million dollars.

Can Whisper do it though she has no clue about soccer? Does Jesse, the only one who supports her and ideates a computer program that simulates the perfect kick, have the solution she needs? This thrilling sports story, peppered with lots of interesting soccer tidbits and trivia, will keep you engrossed from beginning to end.

Publisher: Hyperion Books

Laf Laf – Nisha Daniel

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