My daughter hates maths

My nine-year-old daughter is comfortable with most subjects but dislikes maths. She has a very negative attitude towards it. I dont want to force her to take up a subject she dislikes but I dont want her to miss a suitable career option by dropping maths in high school.
Many children dislike maths because it requires mathematical intelligence and development of different skill sets.

It is often perceived as a difficult subject, but it isnt if the basics are well understood. Teachers and their pedagogies also play a role in shaping a childs attitude, and regular practise is the golden rule. Youre right — maths is an important subject and a prerequisite of careers in several fields.

You could sign her up for abacus, mental maths and other math-related classes to help her understand the subject in a different way. Studying the subject in a more relaxed atmosphere, outside school, may also help.

Moreover by making enquiries you may discover a good, friendly tutor with a knack for helping children develop a healthy interest in maths.
You could also look for websites with math-related games and learning tools.

Get your child to enjoy maths!

Inspire your child to regard maths as a challenge. If she enjoys the challenge of solving puzzles, she will learn to enjoy maths.

Interest her in analytical puzzles like Su-do-ku and others found in newspaper pages. Then introduce her to analytical puzzle books based on maths.

Mathematics is a subject which enables children to apply knowledge in different ways. Show your child how maths is useful to architects, CEOs, entrepreneurs, scientists, and medical practitioners.

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