Online Parenting Summit, parent success story: Amulya Perumalla

Online parenting Summit (OPS) 2021 elaborates on various methods of parenting, a celebration of parenthood. The summit helps to reboot parenting and develop a friendly relationship between parents and their children. The concept of OPS is to create an impact on parents and their parenting styles. OPS aims to touch the universe and beyond, impact every generation that may come further. Until now, people practiced parenting in their own traditional ways but OPS tries to bring in modern ways in which one can make the parenting experience much more fun yet unique.

Here is the story of Amulya Perumalla, who talks about her journey as a parent.

Amulya Perumalla

My name is Amulya Perumalla and I’m a mother to four-year-old Avyukth Perumalla. I live at Khammam, a place near Hyderabad. Professionally, I am a surgeon and anesthesiologist working in Mamatha medical college, Khammam. My parenting journey is something that I would cherish for my lifetime. During this time of the pandemic, I had to take care of Covid patients and attend to my duties. I had to stay very careful with my kid. He acted so mature and said “Amma be careful, I will be with grandma and do video call” and that was the time I said, “I love you tiny-tot”.

My heart glows with joy when I get to admire and appreciate all the craftwork he does. I must say, he is a born artist. He can handle all the art and crafts so easily as if it is his cup of tea. The only thing that I resist myself from doing is shouting and forcing him to do things that he does not like. Being a mom it is my responsibility to help him grow on his own, build himself according to his capacity.

I would like to share an instance where my kid made me proud, as he always does. Once he received first prize for his drawings my eyes were filled with joy. During this time of the pandemic, we grew together. It was the time where we could spend most of the time accompanying each other, getting to know more about each other. We love each other and we celebrate this in different ways. We draw together and learn Maths together. We even play and I pull his leg. I want our bond to be stronger day by day so that I am there whenever he wants me.

I am eager to attend the online parenting summit, 2021 as it would help me draw different ideologies regarding parenting methods. Sometimes it becomes difficult to control your anger because your kids do something silly or wrong, I want to learn ways how I can control myself and prevent shouting at my kid. If you also wish to attend the online parenting summit, register here!

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