Online Parenting Summit, parent success story: Ekta Thakkar

Online parenting Summit (OPS) 2021 elaborates on various methods of parenting, a celebration of parenthood. The summit helps to reboot parenting and develop a friendly relationship between parents and their children. The concept of OPS is to create an impact on parents and their parenting styles. OPS aims to touch the universe and beyond, impact every generation that may come further. Until now, people practiced parenting in their own traditional ways but OPS tries to bring in modern ways in which one can make the parenting experience much more fun yet unique.

Here is the story of Ekta Thakkar, who talks about her journey as a parent.

Ekta Thakkar:ops

My name is Ekta Thakkar and I am a mother to a four-year-old kid, Khrishang. We stay in a family of five in Bombay and by profession, I am an embryologist. During this time of the pandemic, I have been working from home because of my little one’s online classes. The pandemic has brought lots of negativities along with a silver lining. It has made me closer to my son.

Last year, I observed my kid closely and got to know many things about him. Being a mom, I believe that letting kids grow peacefully without trying to mould them is the best parenting technique. It is all about enjoying the process without disturbing them so that they can be whatever they want to be. I believe in setting examples so they can automatically follow those examples and adopt good habits.

Once I remember during the lockdown we were at my maternal house and we couldn’t go to the in-law’s place because of the lockdown. I cherish this time for once in all as my kid learnt a lot. This is the benefit of an extended family where you get to enrich good habits. They told my son different stories, we spend good quality time and my son even learnt the way of eating for the very first time by himself.

The most heartfelt moment with my kid is when we celebrate his accomplishments, after completing the tasks that I give him. His hugs and kisses melt me down. I am proud of my parenting style because I understand that giving space to children and letting them enjoy their own space, and their own company is the best. To be honest, it is their journey and they should live it to fullest. At present we both are reasons for each other’s happiness. We have our own space created differently from the world, where there is no scope of negativity.

I am looking forward to attending this online parenting Summit so that I can get to know various parenting methods and tips. There are many times when my kid might go on the wrong path. I want to know how I can bring him back to the right path without enforcement. At such a tender age, kids do not have the maturity to understand what is right or wrong for them. If you wish to register for the online parenting summit, here is the link.

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