Play School Materials

About the Product:

Kidken manufacture different types of play school materials such wooden educational aids, wooden play school toys, height variation rods, size and colour variation rings, beads, 1-10 counting rings, stereognostic bag, noise boxes, button frames, geometrical solids, colored knobs, building blocks, knobbles cylinders, pairing of rods big &small, threading shapes, rope ladder, sandpaper letter- small, capital, numbers, Kannada, Kannada, Hindi, English small & capital cut-outs, caterpillar capital, small, numbers puzzles, different animal puzzles, inset boards, size variation boards, gradation series, pyramids, puppets, chards, human digestive, circulatory, respiratory, nervous systems on boards, flannel boards, notice boards, black board, magnets, lens etc.

Unique Features:

Teaching should be playful and interesting done with the help of games. The teacher needs to feed the child’s curious mind and teach with the help of new experiences. This in turn will help the child to develop intellectual and social skills in the first few formative years.

Current Issue
EducationWorld December 2019
ParentsWorld December 2019

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