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Pearl School

Podar Education Network partners with Pearl School in Doha

March 30, 2022

Podar Education Network has partnered with Pearl School in Doha, the Capital of Qatar, with an objective to play the role of an enabler in strengthening the education system in the region. Established in 1927, Podar Education Network will bring to Podar Pearl School new dimensions in academic excellence as well as holistic development of students through a tailor-made CBSE curriculum.

Harsh Podar, Director, Podar Education Network, said, “Education is critical to building a brighter future. It is a key driver in sustaining the region’s all-round growth. We have constantly striven to bring uniformity by providing the highest standards of education in all our campuses across India, which will be replicated in our Doha campus as well. Our vision is to raise the traditional standards of educational possibilities and outcomes for students, parents and society. Our highly experienced academic and operations team have designed a tailor-made curriculum that lays emphasis on learning through technology and focuses on preparing students to be well-rounded global citizens.”

President of Pearl School, Sam Mathew said, “Podar group of schools are well known for its academic excellence and holistic development of students. Podar Innovation Centre is one of the best-in-class centralized educational research centre with more than 100 highly experienced educationalist. This center focus on lesson planning, examination paper setting, teachers training, coaching and other development programs. Associating with such a credible education network is a big boost to us in realizing our vision.”

Dr. Mohammed Altaf, Director, Pearl School, said, “The Podar Group of Schools is one among the top few in India in terms of academic excellence and holistic development of students. What make the group different is research and innovation, finely-tuned teachers’ training programmes and technology application. The group has a unique approach to exploring and identifying students’ aptitude and fitness and thereby creating programmes accordingly. Theirs is a very scientific and professional approach on students’ holistic development.”

The new campus will continue to offer programmes keeping in mind the overall development and provide necessary educational support to the children. The campus will be a testimony to Podar Education Network’s firm belief in research, student empowerment, and community outreach. This partnership will also help a lot of Indian families to provide hassle free Inter Podar transfer by avoiding the stress of running for admissions and to ensure a smoother transition into a newer environment.

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