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SMART Table – Interactive Learning Centre

About the Product: SMART Table provides increased flexibility, both in terms of content and teaching style. SMART Table Toolkit, a resource that comes with SMART Table, can create an almost


About the Product: ThinkLABS -Robotic Learning system ( RLS ), a world-class award winning (Jury’s choice award for “Best Innovation in Science Education”, World Education Summit 2011) program specially created

Clarity- Lectern

About the Product: This series of Lectern has an attractive public address podium that features an all-in-one design. It has built-in 60W amplifier, 60W column speaker with one tweeter and

Clarity Interactive Whiteboard- CM2max

About the Product: The Clarity CM2Max is a fully featured interactive whiteboard system that transforms any standard whiteboard, flat surface (Such as a wall) or projection screen into an interactive

Clarity Portable PA System

About the Product: The unique designed amplifier speaker system with microphone is ideal for use as lecturing amplifier for indoor or outdoor use. It is a perfect address delivery system

Math Buddy

About the Product: Math Buddy is focused on helping children understand math concepts through interactive activities and manipulative. There are more than 1000 colorful, interactive activities for elementary and middle

Creya Learning Program

About the Product: Creya XEL 2.0 is an award-winning STEAM Learning & Design Thinking program for inspiring innovation in students. It is also the only program that is aligned not

Promise your Child

About the Product: Promise conducts life skills workshop in schools and also undertake individual counseling to help children parents and teachers across India. Their various workshops help the children to

Montessori materials

About the Product: Kidken manufacture wide range of Premium quality Montessori materials that are used for pre primary and primary education. These covers sensorial, language, zoology, botany, curriculum support materials, mathematics,

Play School Materials

About the Product: Kidken manufacture different types of play school materials such wooden educational aids, wooden play school toys, height variation rods, size and colour variation rings, beads, 1-10 counting

INFINITI Preschool Tables

About the Product: Active pre-schoolers need robust and safe furniture to deal with high energy levels. Infiniti offers many options in preschool tables under the Happy table series with many

Scholar Desks

About the Product: The Scholar range of desks from Infiniti Modules are available in various sizes to suit school students of various age groups. Unique Features: Comfortable and stylish, Scholar

Classroom Solutions

About the Product: Classroom solutions consist of writing boards, teacher’s desks and chairs.  Writing boards in green or white writing surface, enclosed without screws in rounded aluminum profile, with chalk

Library furniture

About the Product: Different types of furniture to cater to all types of storage needs of the library are available. Also available are seating options to specifically suit the library

INFINITI Canteen & Cafeteria Furniture

Product Description:  Easy maintenance and practicality of usage is the premise on which Infiniti Canteen and Cafeteria furniture is designed. There are various options in dining tables and chairs with

INFINITI Hostel Furniture

Product Description:  Infiniti offers a range of comfortable and durable hostel furniture:  there are options in bunk beds for dorms for younger school children. For older university students, they provide


About the Product: Funtoot is an intelligent and adaptive personal tutor that teaches children in a fun and interactive manner. It observes, assesses, diagnoses, interacts, encourages and tutors each student

Question Bank for 2013 ICSE Examination

About the Product: Good luck publishers have a wide range of question bank in different subject to help students prepare for the ICSE Examination. These latest question banks help prepare

Iken English Lab

About the Product: The Iken English Lab is a handy tool for teachers to involve students in practicing correct speech and use of words, building confidence in communication and learning

Modular Library Furnitures

About the Product: Modular Library systems for Schools & Colleges are designed using mild steel powder coated frames, laminated boards and specialized laser cut components. They are completely versatile to

Modular Laboratory Systems

About the Product: Modular Laboratory systems for school & college science labs with services for plumbing, electrical and gas integrated within the system. This System is designed using mild steel

Crossroads Library Collection

About the Product: The cross roads collection from the KI group caters to all the furniture needs in a library. Crossroads furniture is so crafted that it blends into any

Classroom Collection

About the Product: KI has seven collections of classroom furniture namely the 360, dorsal, intellect, intellect wave, ivy league, instruct and learn2.  These collections are attractive and ergonomically designed to provide

Clarity English Language Lab

About the Product: Clarity offers a very innovative range of customized English teaching software courses from England having a rich multimedia content and strong emphasis on key learning areas of


About the Product: Polydron is the original and still superior manipulative, recognized in many countries as the world’s leading resource for teaching Math’s, 2 and 3 dimensional geometry, design and technology.

Educational Consultancy

About the Product: AGES are an educational consultancy that offers a variety of services to help transform educational institutes from good to great. The various services offered are: Institutional set


About the Product: The activity based toys helps in promoting physical movements and cognitive development equipments. WePlay products are used by various schools and children across the world. WePlay products

Modular Classroom Seating for Schools & Colleges

About the Product: The modular classroom seating systems are designed using mild steel powder coated frames, laminated boards and specialized laser cut components. These are completely versatile to suit all kinds of

Kindergarten Bench Series

About the Product: The Kindergarten Bench Series has been specially designed for toddlers and young children. Attractive and bright colors, sizes and shapes are used to stimulate and retain the

School Bench Series

About the Product: Amardeep’s school benches are designed and stylishly crafted by experts using leather fabric, faux leather or American Mesh. They are posture friendly, attractive and easy on maintenance.

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