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Profound insights on influence of art on wellbeing by Viveck Shettyy

February 6, 2020

The annual day celebrations of the DY Patil School of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics was a grand affair with Viveck Shettyy Life Coach, Yogi and, Mystic as the chief guest. D.Y Patil School of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics is headed by the extremely enterprising and dynamic Dr. Debjani Dasgupta. The theme for this year’s celebrations was “Art-a-Tech”, bringing art and technology together.

In his keynote address, Shettyy waxed eloquent on the positive influences of art on human wellbeing. He described the exploration of art as a fascinating and riveting journey from the objective dimension of life to the subjective dimension of life.

This transition gives us a better understanding of the more subtle yet profound experiences of life. Our entire life is merely a stroke of the brush on the canvas of consciousness. He shared the example of the late blind poet Milton, whose blindness made him explore the subjective dimensions of life to great depth and as a consequence, some of his best reputed poetic works came out after his blindness. He further added that art expands our imagination to the best possible extent and imagination is the true sign of intelligence.

Moving on to music, Shettyy opined that there is a inner vibration to every human being on this planet. If our inner sounds are in harmony with the external sounds that we make, chances are that more often than not our entire existence will be joyous and exuberant. He shared intriguing insights into the healing power of music and ancient Indian mantras. Our deepest energies find expression when we explore art forms. Mere economic pursuit with no exposure to art will result in frustration and the experience is similar to that of a plant that can bear both flowers and fruits, but is restricted to only bear fruits. Eventually, the roots of the plant will be frustrated since it cannot bear flowers.

He concluded by sharing one of his personal experiences as a Life Coach, where he helped a student overcome depression by pursuing writing and painting. An unhealthy mind needs the company of a healthy mind and not pills according to Shettyy. Art plays a great role in the development of a healthy mind. He urged the audience to take up some form of art in their lifetime, else they would have missed out on the very essence of life.

Dasgupta delivered the welcome address. There were brilliant dance and theatre performances by the students. The atmosphere was electric.

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