Pros of an infographic resume for creative professions

With great strides in technology being made across the globe, the communication landscape has evolved at an unmatched pace. The advent of internet and digital means of communication have made it possible for people to have access to unimaginable amounts of information with just a tap of their finger. Impactful visuals are drawing more attention than the text that accompanies them. Traditional ways of communication are fast making way for the new and with all of this, the workplace has evolved in its own way – the age of the ‘smart’ worker as opposed to the ‘hard’ worker has long dawned. Today’s hiring managers look out for candidates that bring more to the table than the conventional skills. Creativity and innovation are the buzzwords in the corporate arena today. So what does all of this mean for a job aspirant? How often do we come across friends and acquaintances whine about not getting any interview calls despite relevant experience and qualification? This is where a smartly designed infographic resume can come to the rescue, especially if it is a role that demands loads of creativity.

An infographic resume is a great way to stand out from the crowd,” says Lauren Ferrara, a creative recruiter for Creative Circle, a US based staffing firm that specialises in advertising and creative staffing. Recruiters and hiring managers review hundreds of resumes on a daily basis and if you can find a way to differentiate yourself, you should take that opportunity

Smartly designed infographics pep up your resume and helps grab the eyeballs of recruiters by transforming the several pages of boring text to creative visual data. Let us see exactly how an infographic resume scores over its traditional counterpart.

1. Visually attractive

Research proves that human brain is naturally wired to be drawn to attractive visuals. A resume that features colourful graphics definitely scores over it’s black and white ‘text only counterpart in the ‘attractiveness parameter. Since a resume is the first step in marketing yourself to recruiters, an attractive resume garners positive attention from the recruiters – and helps to engage them better.

2. Highlights key points and saves time

Infographics make it possible to present important information such as key achievements and career milestones that you wouldn’t want the recruiter to miss, in a concise yet engaging manner. So it helps save your time as well as the recruiter’s, besides conveying the key points in an interesting way.

3. Demonstrates creativity

An infographic resume demonstrates your creativity – a must have skill especially in advertisement, media, marketing and communications areas. Whats more, it also proves your digital savviness and expertise at Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

4. Compelling story of yourself

Another great thing about an infographic resume is that it enables the use of visuals for communicating what’s special about you. In other words, it helps create a compelling story about you as a professional.

It ensures your achievements and uniqueness is not constricted by the traditional format. You can play around with graphics to emphasize on points that prove you are the bet fit for the job.

A digital resume gives you so much more freedom and creative flexibility to tell your story,” says Perotto of DocuSign – a leading electronic signature technology and Digital Transaction Management services provider. You can take your experiences and make them visually appealing and unique to you through graphics

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