Puzzle Box – 1

Puzzle Box
Do a bit of unscrambling of alphabets to figure out the answers in this puzzle. Hes small, mechanical and loves collecting old things. All alone, he collected waste till the day he met the machine of his dreams and fell in love To find out who we are talking about, first unscramble the names of some of the best childrens movies. Then put together the letters underlined in yellow to get your answer!

HET ZARIWD FO ZO __________________________________

Hint: A little girl got transported from Kansas to a magical land where she met this man.

TTAALLROUIE _____________________________

Hint: This mouse had the run of the family kitchen, to everyones shock.

EHT NILO GINK ________________________________

Hint: A little cub that grew up to be the leader of the jungle.

TEH TILETL RIDAMEM _____________________________

Hint: She left her submarine home to marry an earthly Prince.

GINNDIF MOEN _________________________________

Hint: A clownfish goes on an unexpected journey.

Moms ‘n Dads

Set apart a family movie night. How about Fridays? Gather as a family in the living room at a specified time with lots of popcorn and chilled lime juice. Prop up plenty of cushions and pillows so that you can doze off if you wish.

Choose a movie that everyone will enjoy. Or take turns choosing the movie every friday.

Switch off most lights to create the right atmosphere.

Go for movies based on story books that the family owns. They are a visual treat for those who have read the book.

Dont forget to discuss the movie the next day! And discuss the best movie to view the following week.

This weekly family time will soon be something you all look forward to.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

One of the most delicious stories by Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is a must read for people of all ages. The story of a poor boy named Charlie embarking on a wonderful adventure with his Grandfather into Willy Wonkas chocolate factory will keep you absorbed from the beginning to the end. The wonderful variety of candy portrayed in the book and Dahls delightful vocabulary will keep you absorbed. The movie version of the book brings alive the dark brown chocolate river, the gobstoppers and the oompa-loompas!

Publisher: Puffin Books

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