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Moms ‘n Dads
-Cynthia John

Heres a great way to explore culinary delights from different regions of India with your family.

Set apart one day a week as Food Day. Every week, you can choose a different cuisine to explore.

Every member of the family pitches in to find out more about the highlights of that cuisine, look for recipes in books or the internet, purchase the ingredients and help with the cookout.

If you choose Chettinad food for instance, one person can find out what are the best Chettinad dishes. Another can get great recipes from friends or the internet.

A few others can make the dish, and serve it as traditional Chettinad food is served.

Over a period of time, your family would have had the opportunity to enjoy a variety of exotic cuisines.


My Gourmet Cook Book for Kids

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Publisher: Scholastic

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