EducationWorld Preschool Grand Jury Awards 2020
EW Grand Jury Awards 2020

Puzzle Box – 5

Sapna is trying to make a banner but seems to have gotten all her letters mixed up. Can you help her set them right in the new banner below?


On to Oregon

This captivating book by Honore Morrow is about a dangerous, exciting journey of a teenage boy, John Sager and six younger siblings who cross the treacherous Oregon trail.

Orphaned suddenly after they start out, the story unfolds with young John Sager assuming all family responsibilities and taking the lead to get his siblings including an infant, across the border. How they brave it out and how Johns firm yet gentle leadership keeps the children going is what the story is all about.

Mom’s and Dad’s

Figure out what your family needs, and plan to work on it together. For example, you could choose to tidy the house all together, as a team.

Choose a day of the week and time when everyone will be available. Let the children plan the best way to do the tidying, allot work to each member of the family, and take the lead in making the house as neat as possible.

You can choose different things to do, and give every child a chance to take the lead for each task while the rest of the family follows.

Its fun, and helps the children learn teamwork. And it gives the family a chance to do something that needs to be done.

-Nisha Daniel

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