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Puzzle Box

There are thousands of colour shades. How many can you spot in this grid? Search forward, backwards, upwards and downward.

Answers: Ecru, magenta, scarlet, cyan, beige, lavender, maroon.

Moms’n Dads

Anitha Bennett

Try this family project. Focus on a theme like ‘Nature’.

Your goal should be to collect objects of as many colours pertaining to the theme as you can.

Choose objects that span a wide range. For example, collect blue feathers, black sand, red leaves and so on. You can do this together as a family or, for added fun, stage a competition of parents versus children. See how much of colourful stuff you can gather!

Try themes like ‘Countries’ (you could collect colourful stamps, coins, flags) or Automobiles (colourful car models, brochures and pictures).

Book Mark

Rainbow Valley

Rainbow Valley, a book of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s famous Anne of Green Gables series, brings you the adventures of the heroine Anne’s children and their group of little friends.

You get to share the fun and fantasy of the children, in a picturesque location named Rainbow Valley.

Right from roasting trout over a fire to daring each other to spend a night in the graveyard, Rainbow Valley vividly captures the essence of childhood. It is one book that people of all ages will enjoy.

Publisher: Random House Children’s Books

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