Read with Your Child: Fantasy

Do you want to help your child slide into another world – one filled with exotic delights, wishing chairs, and naughty pixies? Welcome to the world of fantasy books – that beautiful world where one can fight evil witches, make friends with talking animals and forget all about time.
The beauty of most fantasy stories is that they offer use very ordinary situations to enter a vast world of magic. Who knows what wouldve happened if Alice hadnt jumped down the rabbit hole? Or would Narnia have been discovered if Lucy hadnt hidden in the wardrobe from her brothers and sisters? An excellent fantasy book is one which leaves you wondering, What would I have done if it was me in that faraway land?” So, if your child has been bitten by boredom lately, pay a visit to your local library and pick a magical land to visit!

A Fantasy Reading List

1. The Chronicles of Narnia: This series of seven books by C.S Lewis are classics that retain their charm.

2. The Magic Faraway Tree Series: English author Enid Blyton penned this series about an enchanted forest with a gigantic magical tree. At the top of the tree, exciting lands appear. Animations like Silky and the Saucepan Man live in the tree.

3. The Spiderwick Chronicles: This series follows the adventures of three children who move into the Spiderwick Estate and come across a world of fairies. This popular collection was written by Holly Black and tony DiTerlizzi.

4. Alices Adventures in Wonderland: This very popular book by Lewis Carroll is about a little girl called Alice who falls into a fantastical world.

5. Charlie and the Chocolate factory: Roald Dahls classic about a poor boy named Charlie Bucket who wins a Golden Ticket and goes on an unusual tour of a chocolate factory with a bunch of other kids.

He ultimately wins a reward that is way beyond his dreams and aspirations.

Family Fun

Try playing Dress-up as family. Pick out a variety of clothes, scarves and accessories of every kind, and collect then in a big box or laundry basket.

Get every member of the family to contribute to clothes, old and new. Remember to add ribbons, belts, ties, clips, earrings and wigs. Get some make-up items like lipsticks and eyeliner.

Now, choose dress-up themes like Spanish clothes, the circus or the 1970s. The whole family can dress up to fit the theme, and you can get some great photographers taken.

It will be fun assessing each other in fancy dress, and this can be done anytime. You just need an hour before dinner.

– Annie Besant Jon

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