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EducationWorld December 2021 | Magazine Spotlight Feature

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence — Rabindra Nath Tagore

We at Shalom manifest in every thought, word and action our philosophy and mindset for a new age education. The educational scenario has undergone a drastic change as the fallout of pandemic that has left children with no choice other than being home bound. Shalom group is making rapid strides by establishing present day educational pedagogy in its schools. The child of today cannot be taught with traditional methodology and learning has to be facilitated by understanding individual aptitude and capacity. The potential of every child needs to be optimized by following suitable pedagogical practices.

With a clear vision, foresight and prudence of our Founder and Chairperson Dr. (Mrs.) Lilly George, we have been able to curate a unique space for every child as per his/her interests, abilities and ambition.

With her love for children and her passion for education, Dr. George envisages nurturing such children who are the masters of self and able to lead the world by knowledge, analytical skills, problem solving abilities and integrity of character. The empowering fuel is the core values like confidence, courage, compassion, conviction, commitment and consistency. An embodiment of grit courage, poise and excellence, Dr. George is the strength and inspiration for every member of Shalom family and leads them with example.

Shalom group is a community of learners who are committed to provide a stimulating environment with academic rigor by making learning so engaging that every child learns effortlessly and feels excited about academics. We develop a culture of excellence that st includes robust instructional plan aligned with the 21 century skills. We seek to develop well rounded personality who exemplify physical health, wellness character and core values. The focus is on nurturing the minds to empower them to find solutions to the difficult life situations and problems that humanity is facing and become valued global citizens.

The beautiful campus of Shalom Group gives a feeling of extended home environment. The architectural beauty is enhanced with lush green lawns. Open spaces, play grounds, herbal gardens and a swimming pool. Our schools have well ventilated class rooms, well-spaced-out Labs, and well-stocked libraries as an integral part of the modern set up for the children to explore.

Our continuous endeavor is to:

  • Empower each child to achieve his/her highest potential
  • Focus on developing skills and competencies through hands on experience
  • Expose them to creative art for emotional growth and understanding
  • Empower them through group work, debate, discussion, research analysis and documenting.
  • Encourage them to participate in various activities
  • Focus on language expertise- listening, speaking, reading and writing by providing extended learning opportunities
  • Focus on their physical fitness by organizing various games and sports.
  • Focus on their nutrition facts with awareness of health and hygiene
  • Enhance their love for nature and environment by organizing nature walk tree plantation and many other activities.
  • Nurture their mind with inspirational episodes and short stories. nurture their emotional wellbeing by providing them sessions on life skills
  • Community Outreach

Through discovery, innovation, exploration and creative expression students receive rich learning opportunities while building a positive school culture whereby every child is received with unconditional positive regard and acceptance. All the achievements of our children are duly appreciated and celebrated. We welcome our children with open arms and foster best home school relationship.

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