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SHANA International School optimises learning outcomes through Learnomatrix

July 23, 2014

Swami Vivekananda said, “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man”. It is the means which empowers us to know how to learn and live purposefully. It helps us explore, define and find the true purpose of our life. But today it has become a very complex and challenging issue. The abysmal state of present education system is known to all. Schools are focused only in churning good results in board examination. The true purpose of self-development is missing and the result is lack of creativity and skills, purposelessness, stress, fear and anxiety on the part of parents, teachers and the students.
But there are a few schools across the globe which do not follow the beaten track; they create their own track to deliver the best to their stakeholders. SHANA International School is one of such schools. It is a humble institution situated amidst the deserts of Bikaner, Rajasthan. The school is the brain child of Kamlesh Chandra, founder and CEO of Learnomatrix, a unique program which helps students to learn How to Learn and How to Live.

Learning Outcomes at SHANA International School

According to the principal, Pushpalata Jha, creativity and innovation are at the heart of teaching and learning at SHANA International School. Konark in class VII knows dodging table till 1000, Anjani from same class can recall names of 200 world countries just in 2 minutes, students can recite Sanskrit Shloka from Bhagvad Geeta at ease, four students from various classes have been selected by KHAN ACADEMY, an online Math- Learning portal from Silicon Valley as Star Performers of Mathematics. Most of the students can develop their commercial websites; they can assemble a PC in 10-12 minutes. Arpit from class VIII can recall 70 random digits just by reading once. Aryan and Ishank can recall 200 words just listening once. Above all, the students of classes VI to VIII were able to complete their syllabus in Science, SST and Maths in just one month; the news was covered in various local and national media.

The principal of the school explains that these outcomes were possible because of the implementation of Learnomatrix, a unique program which helps students to learn How to Learn and How to Live.


Learnomatrix or matrix of learning is a scientific and systematic method of learning which incorporates various techniques and tools of education psychology, Cognitive sciences, Neuro-Lingual-Programing, Pranayama, Yoga and transcendental meditation to ease and accelerate learning processes by inculcating Learning and Life skills in students.

The vision of Learnomatrix is to create empowered and enlighten global citizens. Let’s find out how it helps. At SHANA every child is treated as individual identity and the teacher student ratio is kept low. The teacher in the school does not act as judges but they act as facilitators. The facilitators work on every student so that they can:

– Enhance their study skills

– Boost their confidence level

– Get motivation for studies

– Enhance level of concentration

– Enhancing semantic memory

– Overcome exam stress

– Understand basic laws of life

– Use Body, Brain and Mind in the best way possible

Optimum Learning Readiness

According to Learnomatrix, learning is an outcome of the synergic effect of the body, brain, mind and the level of consciousness. Real learning occurs when these are at the optimum level. At SHANA, students are helped in:

– Connecting to the consciousness

– Perusing purpose of personal existence

– Looking at life from the death bed

– Creating a learning blue print for personal excellence

– Vital energy enhancement exercise for boosting learning speed

– Maximising their psychic energy to maximise learning

– Traveling on the wave to peak their performance

– Feeding the enthusiasm in them to speed up learning

– Setting their  food cycle and sleep cycle to set their performance

– Mapping their reading speed, writing speed and calculating speed.


According to Naren Bakshi, an entrepreneur from the United States who visited the school with some colleagues in February 2014, “At SHANA International School, I saw the eighth wonder of the world, and it is not a monument or a rusty old building; it is a group of young scholars, kids who are not even 15 years of age, who have proven that hard work, with some very innovative new techniques and with proper mentoring, has no bounds…We all have known that brain capacity is almost limitless, but we saw the real demonstration of this.”

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