Shaping individuals

Shaping individuals into leaders of tomorrow

December 12, 2019

An ideal leader is an individual with the confidence and ability to lead. There is a general perception that confidence comes with a strong personality and good education. But the most integral element that is not given its due credit is mental and physical health of the person.

International health insurer, Bupa Global, in 2018 concluded that 64 percent business leaders suffered from mental health conditions. 

As leadership qualities are developed in formative years, it is imperative that the educational institutions and parents form a partnership towards creating an environment that encourages students to be mentally and physically fit and become strong leaders of tomorrow. 

As present day educators, there is a huge onus on us to break out of the conventional ways of teaching and learning and think of ways that help in training the minds of the students to enjoy stability and strength required to evolve into future leaders. There are distinct steps through which modern day schools can create a congenial environment for students to move upwards and take on leadership roles wherever they are:  

Emphasis on sports for physical health – Good sports facilities and engaging students in athletic activities can boost the confidence and aspirations of students. Sports ensure physical and mental fitness of students in various ways. Educators may try to provide growing children with enough opportunities for them to stretch their physical strength and will power to achieve better results. Yoga is a great way to attain mental stability and calmness and it should be included in the daily school activity. 

Flexible learning environment for mental stimulation – Future leaders need to be communicative and expressive so as to lead the path by their innovative ideas. A casual and flexible learning environment encourages students to open up with their peers and mentors, thus encouraging more discussions and sharing of ideas. Present day schools need to take the students out from closed classroom environment and provide unconventional ways of learning so that students can enjoy stress-free learning environment and stretch their imagination to think beyond the ordinary. A flexible learning environment stimulates the thinking power and creativity of students

Value-based teaching for spiritual growth – The schools of today need to incorporatevalue-based teaching in the learning module. Talking about the values and principles as those followed by great leaders in the world, like Gandhi ji and Nelson Mandela, will give the students adeeper understanding of the qualities that a successful leader should have. Not only that, schools should strive to create real-life experiences for students by giving them opportunity to meet leaders from every sphere of life and listen to motivational talks and inspiration stories so that they can start thinking like a leader from an early age. Schools should also introduce programmes to ensure the spiritual wellness of students that give them the discipline and direction to sustain on the path of leadership.

These baby steps will be effective in shaping individuals into leaders of tomorrow with grit and strength to rise above the challenges and emerge victorious.

By Atul Temurnikar, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Global Schools Foundation

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