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EducationWorld June 2022 | Spotlight Feature

Dr. Hina Shah, founder-director, shares the aim and objective of entrepreneurship education in Satyameva Jayate International School (SJIS)

What inspired you to start Entrepreneurship Education way back in 2000?

With over three decades of experience in entrepreneurship at the state, national and international levels, I realised there are more job seekers than job creators in our country, and that entrepreneurship development was the only way to address the issue. India urgently needs young people with entrepreneurial skills, ready to take over or start businesses, to create opportunities for themselves and for others. I believe implementing Entrepreneurship Education (EE) in schools from the primary level will not only shape the mindsets of young people but also provide the skills and knowledge that are central to developing an entrepreneurial culture.

In 2000, I established Satyameva Jayate International School (SJIS) with a mission to nurture a generation of entrepreneurs through my Model for Entrepreneurship Education (MEE).

Why entrepreneurship education from class I?

Entrepreneurship as a concept is not exclusive to entrepreneurs or business[1]minded individuals, rather it is more of an attitude and a way of life that induces the spirit and inquisitiveness to think in new ways and adapt to life’s challenges. In a dynamic economy like ours where over 50 percent of the population is below age 25, entrepreneurship is a key generator of economic development and innovation.

Several subjects can be simultaneously taught through Entrepreneurship such as math, finance, economics, art, languages, without children even realising it! During that time, children develop self-confidence which helps them become self-reliant.

Value for money is a hard lesson to teach. However, Entrepreneurship Education ensures children learn easily about money matters.

Learning from failure is an essential skill for entrepreneurs. To do this, Entrepreneurship Education helps children frame criticism as a learning opportunity by helping them practice the skill or brainstorm what they could do differently.

Letting children make decisions, implementing them and learning from the outcomes is an interesting component of Entrepreneurship Education.

What are the salient features of your Model on Entrepreneurship in Education (MEE) for Schools?

Satyameva Jayate International School is the only school in India that teaches Entrepreneurship in classes I-X. As attitudes and cultural references take place at an early age, entrepreneurship education at primary school level can play a major role.

The salient features of the SJIS Model for Entrepreneurship Education are:

Self-esteem — Through Entrepreneurship Education, we build a high self-esteem within children, which makes them loving, unique, spontaneous, different, adventurous, creative and fearless.

Self-worth — Self-worth cannot be damaged or taken away, it is always there. But for many people, it lies hidden behind defensive walls. Entrepreneurship Education makes our children realize their Self Worth.

Self-reliance — We encourage entrepreneurial values from an early age, by developing skills like goal setting, problem solving, perseverance and teamwork.

The MEE for schools is unique in the sense that it is the only model available in India for school- level entrepreneurship education. This model comprises ten exclusive modules with detailed curriculum, material, kits, etc. for each class and taught every week along with other subjects. The training is fully participatory and encourages self-learning. All modules contain a step-by-step guide for teachers/trainers so they can easily facilitate entrepreneurship teaching in schools in a fun-filled and interesting way.

What is your message to parents and teachers of our country?

I believe Entrepreneurial skills are essential for children because it helps develop high self-esteem, self-worth and self-reliance. Moreover, modern day jobs require its employees to have entrepreneurial mind-sets. Entrepreneurship skills also stimulate curious minds and help children challenge the status quo as against following rules blindly.

SJIS Model for Entrepreneurship Education is available to School/Parents/Teachers to bring the change in a child, for details write to [email protected]

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