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Spanish teacher wears anatomy bodysuit to class to make learning fun

December 25, 2019

A Spanish school teacher wore a bodysuit with human internal organs printed over while teaching a biology class. According to the New York Post, Veronica Duque has a teaching experience over 15 years and presently teaches 3rd graders in various subjects such as science, English, art, social studies, as well as Spanish.

The 43-year-old stumbled upon the outfit through an advertisement that appeared suddenly while she was surfing the internet. She used it to make biology fun and easy to learn for her students.

“Knowing how hard it is for kids this young to visualize the disposition of internal organs, I thought it was worth giving it a try”, she told a website.

Her husband, Mike Moratinos, accompanied her to the class and clicked a few pictures of her donning the anatomy chart outfit. He later posted it on Twitter. He tweeted with the caption, “Very proud of this volcano of ideas that I am lucky to have as my wife. Today she explained the human body to her students in a very original way, and the kids were freaking out great Veronica!!!”

But it’s not the first time Duque used such out-of-the-box ways of teaching. She has previously taken up disguises for history lessons and used cardboard crowns to denote grammatical concepts such as nouns, adjectives, and verbs.

Source: ANI

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