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Tarotscopes: Forecast for July 15-August 15

Tarotscopes: Forecast for July 15-August 15

July 21, 2022

Tarotscopes: Forecast for July 15-August 15

Chandana Chavan is a Bangalore-based tarot card reader with over 15 years of experience and special interest in parenting. Instagram:@mystic.muse.tarot

Aries: Justice
Your child seems to be taking after you; picking up your unconscious traits as well. Be prudent and practice what you preach or matters may go out of hand. You need to be more balanced in terms of enjoyment and discipline. A strict approach is recommended for the time being. Both for you and your child.

Taurus: High priestess
The calm after the storm is here. Your child has a very high EQ and maturity level even though it may not be self-evident. It’s her personal weapon. Encourage her to pursue meditative activities and practices. Some of you, be wary of being emotionally manipulated.

Gemini: 2 of swords
You need to think of a better strategy to access your child’s heart and mind. She seems to be hitting in the dark and showcasing destructive behaviour as she needs your attention and outlet for her feelings.

Cancer: The chariot
Your child is a quick learner and hyperactive. She needs proper guidance and counselling. Prioritise organising your work schedule and her activity calendar. Allow her to work and play. She is an all-rounder. Don’t neglect her because of your busy schedule. It will have long-term effects.

Leo: King of pentacles
Spending time with male parent or a strong male/female family member is recommended. Your child is devoted to her family. Taking her to the workplace or showing your work will be beneficial. Communicate with her about the work you do, how it makes a difference. She is ready for the big picture.

Virgo: Ace of pentacles
Teach your child the saving and earning habit. Some of you may have to limit your child’s pocket money. It’s time to start teaching her about money. Educate children financially.

Libra: 6 of wands
It’s time to allow your child to define the meaning of success. She may feel she is not competent enough or not doing enough. Or that success comes easy. She may be trapped in negative self-talk or feeling depressed if she is unable to achieve. Help balance her thoughts and emotions towards achievement and success. Don’t impose unrealistic pressures on your child. You too have to balance your attitude and thinking about success.

Scorpio: 9 of cups
Be careful not to spoil your child. Don’t give in to her every demand. Be wary of her becoming a brat. Your unrestrained love may have serious psychological and behavioural implications.

Sagittarius: Ace of cups
Shower your child with your love and attention. But beware of being too possessive. Give her personal space. Don’t hyper monitor and restrict her. Your child is extremely emotional and sensitive. Be careful how you behave and express yourself to her.

Capricorn: Queen of swords
You are very direct and straightforward with your child. But always remember to give the reason or justification for your decisions. Children need explanations. Your child may assume your life is easy. Make her understand your work and what it takes to have your lifestyle.

Aquarius: Judgement
You are very free spirited and so is your child. Don’t be too quick to judge her. She will transform beyond your imagination. Don’t worry about how she will turn out. She’s got this! Allow her to explore.

Pisces: 6 of pentacles
Life is give and take, you win some you lose some. This is an important lesson to teach your child. She needs encouragement and motivation. Your investment in her will pay off. Teach her to never back down.

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